In the unrest that erupted peace, this Old able-bodied Igbo Man still lives in peace with an amputated young Hausa man who has been his long term friend. Oblivious of all sentiments, these men are dedicated voluntarily to helping their community control traffic from Monday through Friday. without any form of constant or formal payment, they live daily on freewill arms.

Mr. Friday Okprong who has been working at Ahoada main streets around Garrison Port Harcourt said he has been working for over twenty years at the junction on community service, and when the need arises for help in order to effectively deliver his work, he thought of no one else than Abubakar Bello a northerner from Gombe state to assist him. he confirmed that Abubakar, despite the fact he was not from this part of the country, we mean the south-south, has never considered himself a foreigner in Rivers state. this has actually cemented their working relationship of existing together for more than ten years as a duo partner.

Abubakar knows no other community or place than rivers state. in his statement, he enjoys working for the community under any given condition as that is what makes sense for him to do since he lost his left leg in an accident.

despite the fact that the duo is happy working as volunteers, they appreciate all those who help with token arms to encourage and sustain their daily feeding as they call on the government of Rivers State to encourage them.

some notable scenarios to take at heart is the analysts of the duo. one is an elderly man while the other youth, one an Igbo man while the other a Hausa man, one is without any disability while the other has a disability, one a Christian while the other a Muslim and possibly, they might be of different political parties. yet they live and eat together without the fear of nepotism, domination, religiosity excesses, political difference or segregation, and discrimination. they understood the common and best form of worship, language, politics, and treatment which is called HUMANITY 

the Lesson in this is that the unification and peaceful coexistence of Nigeria is possible. the war is against injustice, poverty, bad governance, and indifference not status, tribe, political affiliation, or religion.

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