Have ever been a victim of such? Have any of your little ones ever dropped water on your system as a result of play and ignorance? Have you considered sending your laptop to a technician because water dropped on it? Well before taking such decision here are some few ideas of things you can do to try to ratify the fault before deciding to send it to a specialist.

There are things you need to know about laptop designs especially the keyboard part, most of that part has a layer of plastic or rubber below them before reaching the main panel so the question is, which part of the laptop was the water dropped? If it is at the keyboard part, then there is a greater chance of handling it. However modern laptops also have a very tight lid surrounding the screens so if the water dropped on the screen of such model of laptops there is also the chance of handling it without spending much.

But if the laptop is closed and the bottom part is facing upward when the water is poured, the chance of not sending it for proper repair is slim. Because the holes at the base of the computer have direct link to the panel and other panel attachments such as the cooling fan and speakers.

If your laptop has been poured water at the two places mentioned earlier that you can handle which are the keyboard and screen part, here are what you are expected to do within the first 10 minutes the water was dropped:

First turn the laptop upside down by opening the screen very wide and making it to face downward with the keyboard area, this is to ensure the water do not go in further into the system.

Clean the visible areas with dry cloth or wool while ensuring the downward position is maintained.

Look for any volatile liquid like fuel, alcohol, or spirit and dip neat cloth or wool into them and used it to clean the visible parts thoroughly.

After that, gently and properly lose the laptop and detach the keyboard then repeat the process carried out on the visible parts.

If you suspect the water reached the screen area you may also lose the screen gently and clean the inside after cleaning the front parts using the same techniques specified earlier.

Having done that, the next thing is to allow everything to dry properly by exposing them to sunlight for about 2 hours, if that is not available consider placing them under a speed rotating electric fan for about 6 hours and allow the fan to aid in drying up the whole thing. Also, If you have electric heat blower like the type use by women to dry their hair or the type phone repairers usually use, then you may consider using them for speed action for about 1 hour, but do not take them to any form of flame for heating purpose.

If after trying these techniques the laptop did not function properly then package and send to a professional laptop technician, because it may mean that the water has found its way into the panel or motherboard.



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