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Image result for airtel network logo

Image result for airtel network logo

The telecommunication networks in Nigeria had been trying to create services that will ensure everyone enjoys their brand and this includes their plans in data bundles. A lot of competitions had been going on between the existing telecommunications network within the country, the evidence of such is the promotion and counter-promotion offered by some of the networks. airtel as a brand is not left out of it, as they have been comming up with different packages both for browsing the net and for making of calls, even special social media packages also.

Today many Nigerians are even looking for a cheaper way than the way provided. the reason for it, is due to inflation inthe economy such that spending huge money for data now become a problem.

we shall be revealing a little secret on how to browse the net 24 hours for 30days without any limit of how to use the data. This secret is not an automatic means except you want to use low speed type.

Airtel had released 10 days unlimited data bundle subscription for N200 only, but this subscription is mainly for 2G and EDGE networks enabled devices. lets go into details of this subscription and how you can cheat it to work perfectly with 3G network devices.

Buy airtel sim,recharge N200 and get upto N600 free credits for calls, use the main N200 to subscribe for 10 days unlimited browsing, while using the remianing bonus to call your friends. for the subscription, dial *482# choose option 1 in the options provided.

look for a smart phone with 2G and 3G enabled network for browsing insert the sim and try browsing for sometime, if it is working perfectly then you will use it like that for 24hours in 10days. for faster browsing use a modem with the airtel sim card and attach it to your computer for browsing. in your modem settings, select prefered network to 2G and allow for automatic change to 3G or select 2G network only when the modern have connected to network go to settings and change it to 3G without disconnecting the modem. The 3G will make it to browse for 10 minutes with speed, after that the network will slow down.

Note, that this subscription requires a smart phone or modem with sharp internet connectivity, because it is not as fast as the 3G networks. so bear in mind that the network may slow down any moment of the day, but the real gist is that you can visit websites and browse for 10 days without restriction.


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