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The recent technology had given a huge gap to the ancient type, a good example is  when we view movies reflecting the methods technology was applied in the past such movies like, Rambo,Xena, 300 men,lord of the rings, etc. and using it to compare to the modern age technology movies like fast and furious, Heat, nuclear weapon movies, electronics gadgets movies, health discoveries,etc. It will be a clear indication that a lot had changed.

The recent strive in technological advancement by different countries had been made possible because of existing theories and discoveries made by others, while the original scientists discovered it, many countries recently involve in technological transfer rather than research and discoveries which have brought the world to this modern stage.

The major competition in military weapons and missile technology is made possible as a result of the same advancement followed by technological transfer.

The rocket manufacturing industries had by far exceeded every other technology whose theories existed, this is because of their effective application of existing theories and discoveries to enhance the efficiency of the rocket engines.

Rockets had played vital roles both in the ancient and modern technology which has made it sound like a father in the technological view, it was on record that rocket technology brought the use of powered guns, the missiles, fireworks, and space ships.

The first discovery of the possible use of self-propelled devices took place in Song China in the 13th century when the first gunpowder-powered rocket was developed. The technology was quickly welcomed following its benefit in aiding the users in the war situation, not quite long the technology was spread, developed and enhance by the  Mongol invasion of the Near East and Europe in the same century. The technology quickly finds its place in the making of weapons for the military which led to the manufacturing of artillery guns and missiles just a few years after the discovery.

The second discovery that changed everything was the initial theory made by Isaac Newton based on his discoveries relating to motions of moving objects, which led to his law of “equal and opposite reaction” regarded as the third law of motion.

During the Second World War, it was on record that the Germans had already started building self-controlled missile system while the Russian missiles had no such feature, this gave the Germans edge to be in control of the missile firing war in areas it is applicable. The situation was quickly changed was the ally of many countries of which the U.S. is the major country came up with the nuclear technology which made the war to come to a standstill.

It did not take longer time after its discover when the space industries buy into the idea of using rockets to build self-propelled space ships that can easily move into space within a short time. The building of Rockets spaceship began its history when Apollo used it to launch its first trip to the moon, since then Rocket spaceships had been coming out with different ranges of designs based on the major function they were meant for which includes delivering satellites to the space, space research, visiting the moon, conveying of materials for works within the space, delivering of missiles, and other purposes which had aid different aspects of engineering and other fields especially through the satellite services and has helped the world to quickly come to its modern level of global community and security.

The features of Rockets includes;

light weight,

streamlined round shapes of various diameters,

rocket engines of different numbers and sizes usually located at the bottom,

some has multi-stage rocket system for higher efficiency,

The working principle is based on the Newton’s third law of motion which stated that “for every action there is equal and opposite reaction” the spontaneous reaction of the burning fuels in the rocket’s engines will lead to high release of propulsion energy from the engine nozzles such that the propulsion forces will have the momentum to lift the entire weight of the rocket space ship into the space, so the action is completely different from that of internal combustion engines. It is also observable that the rocket ships move faster and consumes less fuel in the space than the atmosphere.

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