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Port Harcourt is the capital city of Rivers state in Nigeria, Rivers state is one of oil producing state in the South-South geopolitical zone, its geographical area shared a boundary with, Anambra state, Abia state and Imo state in the south-east geopolitical zone having, anieze in ogba-egbema local government for Anambra state, Oyigbo local government for Abia state and Omagba town where port Harcourt airport is located for Imo state, and Akwa ibom state and Bayelsa state in the south-south.

The capital of this state which is the center of this article has been experiencing tremendous development since the creation of the state by Gen. Muritala Muhammed in 1976 during military rule.

The development followed with its closeness to sea has made many companies be established in the city. The oil and gas activities in the area is another boost in attracting more companies. Another thing which was believed to catapult the city development was the crises in Warri city located in Delta state around 1990’s due to the tension and continuous destruction oil companies and non-companies facilities they were forced to look for another safer and appropriate environment which their business can boom, and Port Harcourt happens to be the only option for them due to the availability the seaport located at Onne within the port Harcourt, this made many of the companies located in Warri to move to this city, among the companies that moved were; SHELL, SCHLUMBERGER, HALLIBURTON, and so many others.

Due to this development many people from different parts of the country has been moving into the city to establish one thing or the other but policies established by the state government in regard to signing posts must be followed, a lot of issues surrounding the sign post in port Harcourt had been treated in courts and had caused several confrontations and fights between individuals and agencies, not only that; the weather condition in the city has made most sign posts not to stand the test of time. The above reasons create the need to throw light into the procedure to solve such problems by giving you this little clue of what you need to know before mounting the sign post. Below are the things you need to know:


Port Harcourt city has a wide coverage of other Local Government Area which is considered as part of the city outside the main local government Area known as Port Harcourt local government Area, others that also make up the city of Port Harcourt are, Oyigbo local government, ikwere local government, Eleme local government, among others.

If you have own factory, shop, office, or anything within these local government and want to create the awareness for people by installing a signpost then this is what you are to do, visit the secretariat and ask for the office in charge of Port Harcourt city planning and urban development or any other body whose office are located there that oversees the affairs of sign post for that particular local government.

Bargain a price to be paid into the agency account depending on the size and the place to mount the sign post, it mainly ranges from N40, 000 to N10, 000. Make sure that a receipt that authenticates your payment is given to you with that you are ready to go and mount your sign post.

Also, make the receipt available in your office in case if any agency wants to come and verify later.


It is your responsibility to identify the true address of the place you are mounting the sign post through a thorough research with the occupants of the area the address includes the street name, nearest popular institution to be linked to your own address for easy identification. This will not only make your sign post to be rated high in the eyes of your clients or customers but will also help to avoid any misleading information to them. Also, note that some street addresses may not be officially recognized in the record of the agency that handles street address registration due to the fact that they have not registered them. So in order not to have a problem with such agency confirm if any previous sign post in the area has used the street address if NO then confirm why before adding it to your sign post.



This aspect is very important as the whole of port Harcourt city is prone to severe rainfall followed by high-speed wind mostly in the night during the rainy season, your sign post could be damaged either by bending its support poles or by pulling it out completely if the foundation is not supported with a concrete, and such sign post is standing in direction that resists the wind and rainfall speed.  This is very important especially to the individuals that do mount a sign post with poles having very small internal thickness while the sign post area or board is having about 8 feet by 8feet by 8feet area and more larger sizes.


As was mentioned earlier it is important to consider the size of the sign post because it is going affect the following: registration levy, cost of structural fabrication, cost of banner printing, cost of support poles, cost of concrete for the supports, etc. these are the things that have to be put into consideration when deciding on the size. The wind attaches on a sign post with a large area is higher compared to a sign post with a small area like the sign posts having an area of 8feet by 4feet and lesser. If it has to of larger area than the thickness of the steel sheet and support pole must be considered, a steel sheet of 0.5mm to 1.5mm thick can be used for smaller signpost while the one of the 1mm to 1.5mm can be good for larger sign post the same goes to the thickness of its support poles.


Due continuous development of the city and its policy it very important to know your office demarcation with the nearest road so that you can properly identify where to mount your sign post to avoid being asked to remove it after mounting. This is the problem most individuals do have by mounting a sign post very close to the road which may still be considered as part of the land belonging to the government as was acquired for road construction so mounting a sign post in such area is regarded as a trespassing even if no agency asked you to remove it, when any road project is sited in the area the sign post could be removed without any notification, so in the real sense of it; stay in your own boundary.


You have to consider the position the sign post would take by answering the following question; are there other sign posts in the area? What are the sizes of sign post in the area? Which type would be better a double faced sign post or a single faced sign post? Which direction is more visible to motorist and pedestrians? These are the major questions to consider when deciding on the position the sign post is to be placed, when there are another sign post around the area consider the height of those signpost and their closeness to where you wants to mount yours, if the closeness is high then consider lifting you sign post higher than the closest ones or lower than them in order to aid the visibility of the sign post. You have to consider the direction of the moving vehicles and people walking with legs to ensure that your sign post contents are very accessible to them. More also, when writing your content in the sign post consider the type of  lifestyle of individuals in port Harcourt city as everyone wakes up very early and stay busy all day with their daily activities in order to meet up with the high cost living in the city hence writing to many things on your sign post will do you no good since no one would have the time to stop and start reading aa you have written on the signpost, so just make it a simple write up as possible highlighting your major services is just better.


A situation may arise that the host community may request a certain aid in the form of finance it is your duty to render such a support to the community that makes up your own are in the city, though not mandated by the government but based on the individual agreement.


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