The Rumour that Soldiers Flogged Jigan Babaoja is a Conspiracy to Damage as a Brand

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Abimbola Kazeem a Nollywood actor, who is well known as Jigan Babaoja, has exposed a fake report that he was beaten by soldiers recently. Although during the week, the news went viral that Abimbola Kazeem was beaten by soldiers, and some social media users even alluded that he deserved the beating he allegedly got because he is troublesome.

But the actor describes this report as a rumor conspired to destroy him. As a matter of fact, what happened in Elegushi area in Lagos was made up the story, because I am not a troublesome person.

Actually, on that day I was with Jaywon at a birthday party in a bar owned by my friend when the incident took place.

Honestly, I was surprised to see a fight between the driver who brought us to the venue and one of the waiters working in the bar; and this happen so suddenly within a few minutes, the driver broke the head of the waiter with a bottle.

And immediately, I requested that the waiter should be rushed to the hospital, but before we could rush him to the hospital, some soldiers and bouncers came towards us and starting beating the driver. So Jaywon and I was worried about saving the waiter and the driver, without talking to the soldiers, rather I want to the bar Manager to tell him that, we should try and rescue the lives of the driver and the waiter, because of the good relationship that exists between me and your brother the owner of the bar.

But unfortunately, the military men became angry because they thought I was talking to them, but I simply told them, that I was not talking to them rather I was discussing with the manager to see what need to be done in order to rescue the driver and the bar waiter.

Seriously, after the incident, I saw on the social media, a false and fake news, completely lies that I was flogged by soldiers. Immediate I knew it was a conspiracy to damage me as a brand, in order to distract my fans. There was no argument with the soldiers after telling them my intention of saving the driver and waiter.

if not for our immediate intervention to save the situation, the soldiers might have killed the driver, because he was bleeding seriously to the extent that I had to use my underwear to clean-up his body. But now everything is going well, even the owner of the bar called and apologize to me over the incident, so I don’t know the intention of who made up this news that I am troublesome, because I have never get involved in any fight before now. So whoever cooked up this story to destroy my brand will never succeed.

Jigan Babaoja also opens up his career in the entertainment industry and how he left the music industry for a while due to the cost of production after setting up a hip-hop music group in 2001. Though he start his career as a Fuji Musician when he was a young boy, his father advised him to stop Fuji music in order to focus on his education.

Also, in 2006 I shoot a music video as solo artiste which made me experience so many expenses during shooting and making the music video and this video was shot by Akin Alabi. Due to this expenses incurred, I had to make a U-turn into the movie industry, to know if my talent in acting will be appreciated by people. And now I felt the movie industry is better for me.

Do you know that I saw Social media as an avenue to showcase my talent when the skits become popular, I got a car, an endorsement deal with “Sho mo age mi”, honestly it has opened many doors for me. Actually, “Sho mo age mi” idea came to me when some actresses were celebrating their 40th birthday, and some persons raised an argument if these actresses are celebrating their real age, so I made a skit and the video want viral.

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