Becoming a member of offers you the opportunity of being hired by those seeking for a solution for a particular problem which you are qualified and well knowledgeable to do, to create such opportunity for yourself you are required to use your knowledge to solve other people’s problems as well as making them your friends, which will give the opportunity for your effort to be appreciated by either financial help, message appreciation, gift, etc, or in the absent of none of the appreciation mentioned above the term still remains that you have offered help to someone’s need and your continuous activeness in the site activities will be visible to all members and may be appreciated by the administrators and members.

To know about the NEED(solution) you can offer to gist timers you need to read our page ( ABOUT US ), making it simple you are required to offer need in a particular trending question raised by a visitor or member on the site in either the activity page, comments in a post, forum or sent to you as a private message and doing this you are required to post the solution to such problem according to your personal knowledge which must not be misleading or intended to dupe the fellow.

For the reason of the above last sentence, offering to contribute or solve a question raised by dropping your number, email addresses, or website address is highly prohibited, a violation can lead to deletion of your account and blocking of your IP ADDRESS.

Also, you are required to post at the very place the question is raised if it is on the activity page then post it in your profile update to be to appear in the activity trends where blog posts do appear, if it is in comment trend post it as a reply to that comment, if it is posted in the forum give the reply in the forum, the actual purpose of everything is to ensure the person that asked the question sees the answers coming from the contributors on the website.

we will have zero tolerance for any organisation or individual that will try to use this website to post any content intended to advertise any product, political campaign, character deformation of any celebrity, contents that show hatred to any tribe, individual, or country,etc., as the notice of such content will lead to account deletion and the blocking of IP address of the user account.

we will not accept and allow a copied article from another website or a copied photograph or video from another site to appear in except if you are the real owner of such content or have a concrete evidence of your permission to use them, for this reason we will like you to read our COPYRIGHT POLICY PAGE

we will not accept adult content irrespective of the message it is trying to convey to the site users, such contents are, pornographic pictures and videos, seductive and nude pictures, sex stories, and sexually related articles, for this reason we will like you to read our PRIVACY POLICY PAGE


From the above listed terms of service we can categorically state that administrators do not collect money or request for any material gift for their provision of information to the visitors and members except if offered as a freewill donation to sustain the running of the website as stated in the SUPPORT US PAGE,exception to that any finacial transaction or assistant created and offered between two or more members in this website is strickly at the risk of the ones offering such help.

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