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The cost of living in Nigerian cities is rising every day and this is not limited to the cost of domestic products and food items but could be extended to the increasing cost of house rent and the increasing inflow of citizens from the rural areas to the urban cities.

Major cities in Nigeria such as; Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Portharcourt, Onitsha, Uyo, Owerri, Calabar, Kano, Kaduna, Ibadan, etc. had been experiencing a continuous increase in population and this is caused by the increasing number of people coming out from the nearby villages into these cities, thereby increasing the cities congestion and creates high demands for houses meant for rent. The demands do cause an undue increase in house rent charges of the existing buildings.

Skyscrapers are multiple buildings arranged in sequential order at the vertical position, such that the floor of one serves as the ceiling for the one below. A similar description with upstairs and duplex, with the exception that, skyscrapers are more taller and contains mores apartments and may be up to 20 buildings arranged together in a vertical position.

The popular use of skyscrapers was developed by an American steel manufacturer during the rising period of the country due to the high demand of accommodation by millions of people moving into the New York city in search of a job. He realized that the only way to contain the increasing population is by building structures capable of accommodating a large number of people while still minimizing space. His idea was quickly adopted by other investors who started building similar structures and within few years the entire New York City had been filled with different sizes of skyscrapers.

The common designs in skyscrapers make them easier to erect and maintain than the usual concrete buildings seen all over Nigeria. The center part of skyscraper’s design is rigidity and strength, considering the number of occupants needed for each, there is always need to but strength into consideration, for this reason over 70% parts of skyscraper’s parts were done with steel beams and properly fixed together before other parts were added, such as the wall glasses and wooden floors, etc. modern technology has made the building cost of skyscrapers to reduce, due to the nature of light materials in use recently and such materials ensure that the building do not experience heavy load and they makes the steel structures and their fixed parts to be rigid, thereby reducing the frequency of maintenance.

The recent analysis revealed that Nigeria has risen to the level that it has to start thinking of such structure in their cities in other to contain the rising cities congestion and help to reduce the cost of renting apartments in the cities. Besides the apartments, most structures like that can also be used as an office by co-operating bodies and organization ay lower cost.

Though the initial cost of erecting such structure may be very high it long-term financial benefits outweighs that disadvantage after few years of putting them into use.

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