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Having a profitable industry is the best way of becoming rich within a short period than most people working for companies. The real secret of richness does not lie with those seeking to be employed by a company, rather it sticks with those having entrepreneurship mindset. Most known rich men and women in the world today are owners of companies and industries. The number of industries you can set up and manage effectively will determine how fast your money will grow as well the reliability of your income flow.

There is a big difference between setting up a company and managing the company for effective profitability, since the sole aim of every business is profitability. Many companies and industries had folded in the past due to improper management, for this reason every entrepreneur is required to pay serious attention in the management of any venture.

The use of soap in Nigeria has become a tradition to every Nigerian, it can be estimated that every home in Nigeria use up to 2 bar soaps for bathing alone, while up to 2 bar soaps and a packet of detergent can be used within two weeks for washing of clothes and kitchen utensils, despite the introduction of different types of soaps including liquid soaps and detergents, bar soaps and bathing soaps still sales high in the market even with their increase in price, the reason for this is because most people prefers bar soap than other types of soaps irrespective of the purpose they were meant to serve. So it will an opportunity to join the que of bar soaps manufacturers in Nigeria and make cool money for yourself.

Setting up a company in Nigeria had been made easy following the different government policy to encourage indigenous companies. If you are a beginner or a novice in the field of soap production, it will not stand as a barrier because there are so many unemployed youths that have good knowledge of soap making within the country all you need is to employ their service at a very low-cost of less than N40,000 per month. Even the soap industry may not require more than 5 persons to start functioning effectively.


Base on your capital, access capacity of soap making industry that you can operate, if you can be having an output of 500 bar soaps per day, then you will surely make huge profit in the business.

Your capacity determines your production output, to have a good capacity with low capital there is need to employ the service of local machine fabricators, for the construction of some aspect of the equipment required, while the areas that may be affected by the toxic nature of chemicals use in soap making can be purchased from the market. Example of such equipment is large plastic bowl, glass bowl or stainless steel bowl. These items are usually employed for the mixing and turning of the mixtures of chemicals used in the soap making.

Rent an apartment which could either be an empty land, a store, a warehouse, or an abandoned building for your production and storage. Soap making needs a good space and ventilation so renting a place that is not costly, like a place in an interior places that have a good space since the location of the factory does not matter, rather the space matters.

Provide a brand name and submit your company name to CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION (C.A.C.) for registration of your company at a one-time payment of non-refundable fee, not more than N50,000 depending on the size of the company and its integrated services.

Make about 20 pieces sample of your bar soap and submit to regulatory bodies like, NAFDAC, SON, NIS, etc. for easy approval and obtaining of mark of quality. Note that some companies can go ahead without this stage, but their inducement can help to promote your brand and help you to fix a good price for your product.

Proceed in mass production and strategize for effective marketing and advertisements.


  1. A drum of stainless steel or heat-resistant plastic drum, if a glass of similar size can be obtained it will be better. One or two of these will be required for turning of the mixture of; caustic soda, water and oil.
  2. A large steel pot for heating and stirring of the soap content until it becomes hard.
  3. A heating material like the pot support device having charcoal, coal, or wood as the heating elements.
  4. A means obtaining chemicals and additives needed for the mass production on a steady bases.


Note that, this type of industry is classified as a chemical industry, hence high safety procedures is recommended. It is good to consult a wide range of books, articles, and similar industry before setting up yours to avoid unforeseen loss due to lack of experience.





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