A good look at the above picture will reveal the image of a projector hung on a ceiling with the help of iron protector, the picture is not clear enough because I took it with one of my phones that have low camera quality in one of the viewing centers.

A viewing center having a height of about 20 feet from the ground located at one of the popular places in Port Harcourt city thought it necessary to secure their projectors from possible stealing due to the nature of the environment and the cloud that normally visit the center every evening for movie shows and football matches.

I decided to make little inquiries after my visit then I discovered that besides the stealing of the projectors there had been a previous incident that their projectors were made to fall on the ground and got damaged following a serious fight that lasted up to one hour by two football fans after a particular football match. For that reason, the owner of the viewing center decided to change the strategy in the positioning of the projectors at the ceiling of the viewing center.

At the top is a single rod of 12mm strongly fixed to the wood inside the ceiling, the space between the projector and the ceiling is about 2.5 feet, while a rectangular protector is made for the projector with about 3centimeter gaps from the two sides of the projector while the upper side has up to 5 centimeter gap from the projector, a provision for inserting padlock in the protector was made such that the projector can be strongly secured in the protector in the event of anyone that may mistakenly hit stick at the protector during a fight or celebration which usually occur in that viewing center, a situation that led to the damage of other two projectors use previously in the viewing center. A look at the design reveals a close clearance of the protector with the projectors which will make them not to have enough space on the horizontal axis to make any serious motion that can cause any damage to their functionality.

The total projectors in the viewing center are three and all of them were fixed with the same techniques though they were facing different sides according to the ways chairs were arranged in the viewing center.

After observing the technicality of the design I realized that it wouldn’t be easy for anyone to steal any of those projectors considering the quality of padlock used in locking their protectors and the thickness of the iron rod (12mm) used in the making of such well-fitted protectors.

The above discovery was made and posted to this site to help you or anyone else know how to apply such techniques when the need arises, however, if the post has helped you in solving a particular need or you have additional contribution in regard to the post which will be beneficial to the site users and add more value, the comment box, and our forum is open for you and I equally believe you can get answers to any question raised concerning this post.

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