The marine and shipping industries are one of the world’s most profit-making business venture, which has a lot of diversified services ranging from goods transportation, human transportation, drilling services, fishing jobs, dredging services, to geographical research within the water surroundings, among other services. This industry has recorded series of success in its activities and had a low record of casualties when compared to the engineering and construction industries.

One of the ways the industry achieved such success is through their continuous implementation of safety policies and proper training of personnel especially when it comes to swimming skill and man overboard pieces of training. The operations of the industry involve many risks which include sleeping inside ships and living in it for days, even most times they also work at night.

The picture above reveals how this industry is securing their ships from physical damage and reduction of impacts during landing operation at any jetty. It is a safety measure that incurs no serious cost to the company because the material is readily available.

The securing of the ship’s body involves the use of motor tyres to wrap the body of the ship where it has the possible contact with any nearby object during landing, hence at the jetty where the ship needs to land the body can incur no damage rather the tyres shield it from any scratch besides that it also absorbs the impact force that due occurs during ship landing at its jetty, such impact force can cause anyone standing on the ship to fall if the tyres were not in place.

Another unique assistance this offers is the ability of the ship users to use the tyres as steps in climbing to any ferry boat usually attached with the ship for utility purposes or emergency situation.

The use of this techniques is not only economical but also efficient in its function, and any damaged motor tires can serve the purpose.

Even in an emergency situation such as man overboard the tyres can help the personnel to have something to hold such that could prevent the possibility of the personnel falling inside the water completely.

The techniques had received wide recognitions such that most shipping industries now have series of tyres arranged around its body for the same purpose.

The tyres are usually held together with strong steel ropes or chains to avoid moving out of their fixed positions.

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