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Resistors are passive two-terminal electrical components that implement electrical resistance as circuit elements. These resistors perform many functions in the circuit panel such that no electronics device could exist without a single resistor or capacitor. They are the major key players in the regulation, control, and smooth functions of our electronics devices.

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One of the major thing known about resistors was to resist voltage in a circuit as the name implies, but it goes further beyond that. It is obvious that no electronic device could exist and function effectively without a single resistor, till date; the electronics engineers had been manufacturing different ranges of resistors to perform different specific functions in electronics panels. The development has led to the manufacturing of “liquid-resistors” a special type of resistor which has liquid in it as its conducting element.

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The resistors in-line with capacitors, assist the electronics engineers to achieve any goal in building electronics panels. For example, if the public power supply is 220Volts and a plasma television needs 50volts without any bridging or interruption to function effectively, while the remote controlling unit needs only 5Volts without interruption, it means the plasma needs a total of 55Volts from the power input of 220Volt. Assuming the 220Volt do fluctuate, how can it be done so it will not affect the plasma functions? Such can only be achieved through the use of resistors and capacitors.

The capacitors help the panel to reserve the remaining volts after the 55Volts had been taken such that any fluctuation can be balanced from the reserved Volts in the capacitors, while the resistors ensure that the précised amount of volts needed in each unit is distributed to avoid damage to the main units of the panel such as coils, screen lights, and speakers, etc.

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However, despite the good function of the resistors to electronics panels, it has been discovered that majority of electronics faults came as a result of damaged resistor or resistors, which makes the electronics device unable to function or function with problems. This is a well-known fact to electronics engineers that is why every electronics device has a prescription at the back or carton warning the user to always send the device to expert for maintenance other than trying to fix the problems on their own, the reason is because those experts know how to trace those resistors, their ratings, and how to easily get them replaced and have your device in order again.

A single burnt resistor can prevent entrance of volts to the whole device or partially to some units leaving its unit functionless.



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