Black Soft Bag

The use of zipping for bags and clothes is increasing every day due to its ability to lock spaces properly when compared to buttons.  Before now, most of the traveling bags use locking bolts and pins to stick together until, the zip making industries started making zips with superior qualities and strengths, such that they can stick bags together even at an extreme pressure of overloading in bags.

However, despite the continuous improvement in zipping quality the common disappointment that follows it hardly refuse to show up. Imagine when travelling and on getting to an airport your bag zip fails to zip up after opening the bag to either remove or put something in it, such situation is always embarrassing and can make someone confuse on the next line of action especially when there are no alternative of where to transfer the contents into another the bag.

In this article, we shall be discussing how you can fix your zip at such emergency situation. If your zip is still in order but refuse to close, that is better and easier to handle than when one part had pull out of the locking metal or locking part.


Zips work with the principle of “force and press” when the locking metal drags the two sides together it does that with the force you applied on it, and when the zips had been successfully brought together under your applied force, they will be pressed together at the center of the locking nut and forced to enter in the netted spaces that exist in each side, so when this action is successful the zip will be able to close properly.


One of the major zip problem occurs when the locking metal has slight expansion at the base, when such happens, the pressing force on the two zips will reduce and may not be able to make the two stick together, that is the reason when you drag the locking metal, it can move through the two zips without locking them up. They only way to solve this type problem in an emergency situation is to use a strong object like stone and tap it gently on the base of the locking metal by ensuring it placed on a rigid object before taping it. This action will make the expansion created to be closed back. If this is the cause of the zip malfunction you will notice that it will be able to lock up after this action.

Another cause of zip problems, is when the netted spaces had to be tampered and the allowances uttered, in such case the zip may be open at that point after locking the length, the only solution to this is by using slim object to adjust the netted space of the faulty zip and make arrangement for changing the entire zip when you see where that is possible, the reason is because the adjustment you made is temporary, the damaged part will still be difficult the next time you wants to zip us.




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