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Have you ever thought of starting an online business? Has anyone given you the real facts with personal evidence about online venture? With so many make money online blogs and articles many people had been misled from the reality of the truth. Today the internet is flooded with several links on how to make money quick, but that does not mean they are all fake or not possible but there is vital information that most of those posts are not including for the purpose of the people having an interest in the online venture.

Imagine, a post telling you how you can become a millionaire within 3 months by working online.. my dear such thing may not be possible online except you want to join the league of cyber criminals by scamming people. Making money online is no way different from the normal of chasing money physically, it still has to do with intense hard work and commitment even your money as well.

I will like to give you all the in and out details so you can know exactly the depth of the river you want to swim and then know how to equip yourself properly. There is so much “gist…domains”, “Naija…domains”, ”news…domains”, etc. coming into online venture and shutting down within few months or a year, the reason is lack of proper knowledge about what they were going into. In 2013 when I first had the interest of online venture “possible ways I could make money online” I made similar mistake by believing that I could easily become rich by either hosting blog or be being an affiliate marketer, it shocked me to see that after 6 months it appears to me that am only rendering free service to online users. Now the question is, how can someone possibly make money online?

There are several ways listed earlier in most of the “how to make money” articles online which we shall be dealing one after the other in details and giving all you need to know about them. They are:


Affiliate marketing


Paid per click


Well participating in any of the above activities online for the purpose of making quick money is like, a farmer planting yam that supposed to stay in the soil for 1 year and rather planning to harvest the yam within 3 months, funny the farmer will only see the decayed yam that is just trying to start forming new one. Therefore, if you wish to participate in any of the listed programs above, ensure that you have another source of income to sustain yourself and not be discouraged, in most cases you may not even make any money even after trying for one year, why? The reason is simple, you may be following the wrong approach.


Blogging is a popular thing online now, everybody wants to know how to make money blogging and wants to hear the earnings of most popular bloggers, all that is not bad. Have you ever considered having personal interaction with any successful blogger besides the articles you see online every day? The response you would get will be funny especially if the blogger wants to be sincere. If you take a critical look at most of the “make money online articles” you will observe that they were written to promote a particular product which could be either book, video, seminar, magazine, or written to drive traffic to a particular content, and in most of them you may be asked to pay for any of the services listed above, well I wouldn’t condemn you paying for any of them but you need to know that what you are seeking is not far from you, so you may not need to pay anyone to tell you the truth or deceive you with lies and collect your hard earned money.

The reality about blogging is your ability to have something to say and share with others, not just having few of them, rather you need to have the ability of posting at least two new information every day continuously up to 1 year or more, for you to be able to have audience and become successful in blogging, a good example is what the online news websites are doing.

Another thing that will make you successful in blogging is building a good and quality blog, with good monetization programs. How can you achieve this? Well, first build a good website with user friendly design and ensure you use your hand to develop every content including articles, videos, and pictures, irrespective of how small such content may be, advertisers will value your website more than the copy and paste website with 50,000 articles and videos, hence, you can easily be approved by any advertising network such as Google and Yahoo, while the copy and paste websites will be quickly rejected irrespective of their huge traffic. Some try playing smart by doing copy and paste in their website, but the truth is that, there are many sophisticated software online to check copyright lawbreakers, and if your site content is found in it, there is little chance of you getting approved by any good advertising network, so copying and pasting will do your site a great harm than good, try to be original that is the only way to build good audience and start your journey of making money online.

Another, information other articles will not tell is that getting approved by good advertisers does not mean you will start making the millions, it will still take you years of hard work to start earning something very good from your blog, so it is good to start blog first as a part-time venture until you have started earning from it before dropping your lucrative job.


Well, affiliate marketing is not far from the normal selling activities in the market, you promote products for sellers online and you are paid a particular commission the moment someone buys any of the products. This is the major techniques most of the copy and paste websites are using to make money online. The problem with this is getting a reliable affiliate program and most times you may not even be able to sell any of the product despite series of promotions for months, so it may be even harder for a beginner especially if the website does not have up to 10000 page views per day. So the secret in this program is for you to build your website traffic and look for trusted affiliate program to promote their product.


This is a more reliable and popular way of making money online, it is just the act of you selling your services online, which writing articles are the most popular among them. There are many producers and website owners that may be looking for someone to write articles that they can buy and post on their website, some producers may need writers that can use articles online to promote their products, so that is where you comes in, to fill the gap and become that writer. Some can pay up to N2000 per article while some can pay as low as N500 per article but note that if you copy the article from somewhere the buyer may find out using a software, so to be on a safer side write the article yourself. Another, bad aspect of this program is that some may not agree to pay you after you have submitted the article for review, by pointing hand to different issues and finding reasons why your article don’t worth paying for, that is the risky part of this program.


This program was reigning within 2012 and 2013, some website will pay you or claim to pay you by clicking on their series of advertisement that will be sent to you so you can click on them. The bad aspect of this program is that you may never be able to click enough advert that would earn good money because the rate is extremely low and may take you 6 months of commitment to make up to $20 from it.


Online survey is simply a way of collecting data from public opinion, some manufacturers would like to know public opinion concerning their products, and such services may be bought over by some surveying websites, so if you register with such website survey forms will be sent to you continually either through the website account or through the email address you provided during registration, in such case, after filling the survey form you will submit it back, and they may reply you that you have made $1 for the survey. I participated in this program in 2013 when I had earned $5 they stopped sending the survey forms to me with that I never had to reach their payout figure of $10 till date. So I would rather say most of them are scammers. If you are participating in this program ensure you know someone who had done it and receives the full payment.

There may be other means of making money online which are not listed here but the above are more popular.



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