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Good industrial practice is necessary for environmental safety and good health of anyone within the area, any industry whose activities are detrimental to the safety of the environment and the health of habitants within can be tagged as a substandard industry. The word “Substandard” should not only be used in terms of products rather it should extend to the activities of the industries, because an industry may be producing a standard product, yet with substandard practices. The only way to identify them is by taking a look at the effects their activities are causing within the environment and taking statistics of health reports of the individuals living within the area and comparing it with those living in another location, in a severe situation such report could reveal the health implications of the industrial activities in terms of waste and gas discharge in the environment.

Industrial discharge is one of the major reason of the last pollution report in China release in one of the news media earlier this year, it had been the same in every country where lots of industrial activities are taking place. A recent discovery of black particles in air within the capital city of Rivers state in Nigeria had also been attributed to industrial discharge.

Carbon mono oxide is among the major gases usually released into the air by many industries, it was believed that the ozone layer had been affected due to the excess release of this gas in the atmosphere for years. But there had not been any reliable source of alternative energy to perform the same functions that would make the discharge of this gas into the atmosphere impossible. The release of this gas can occur during any means of transportation because it usually comes out from the exhaust nozzles of the transport engines, while the next major source is from industrial activities, bush burning and fire incidents.

Foundry industry is one of the major industries that do discharge large volume of carbon mono oxide into the air, the reason is because during the making of iron and steel a lot of heat is needed for melting and molding of the iron or steel billets into a full shaped structure, and achieving this may led to the used of blast furnace, crucible furnace and heat treatment furnace all the section of the steel making process involves heat which is one reason lots of carbon mono oxide is usually released through the furnaces.

The smokes generated in industries are usually channeled to the atmosphere through a hollow pipe referred to as chimney, this had been a longtime industrial practice but the problem is that some industries do not allow their chimney to be very tall enough such that discharged gases would easily go straight into the ozone layer rather it do hover within the environment. Besides that, some do not use chimney at all rather discharge any gas directly within the environment, while some that use it do not channel all the gases into the chimney rather some will be allowed to go directly into the environment, whichever one is the case, the major purpose of it all is to avoid air and environment pollution which such practices do not provide in full percentage.

A look at the above picture reveals a sample of how industries should channel their industrial waste (gases) into the atmosphere. It is a combination of different hollow pipes from different locations of the industries where gases are released and systematically directed to a single smaller diameter pipes located at the top of the industry.

The reason for using pipes with smaller diameter is to build up pressure at that region which will help in pushing the gases with great force into the atmosphere such that it will not be able to hover within the environment but rather goes straight into the ozone layer. The pascal’s gas law revealed that pressure is proportional to volume, that is the working principle of this system, when ten different pipes of about 500mm diameter is connected to a single thick pipe of 400mm diameter a lot of pressure will be generated which is enough to propel the gases into ozone layer even though the velocity of the gases in each larger pipe is low at that point it will multiply by 10 times to give total pressure that will push the gases.

It was such a wonderful technology that will help reduce environment pollutions to minimum, which could be employed by any new industry or existing ones as a modification.

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