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Dioscorea Quaternata, Wild Yam

Agricultural tactics are increasing every day, with the high cost of living everyone is now venturing into agriculture as the only hope of survival as such many of them tends to bring out a different approach to farming in other to have a large harvest at the end of the farming season.

The increasing use of most land in Nigeria for cultivation has reduced the nutrients in those land, which has made the demand for fertilizer higher. Statistics has shown that over 60% of Nigeria commercial farmers use fertilizer in other to have a good yield of their harvest. However, there are others who still make the good yield of their product during the harvesting season by just using some techniques in planting and nurturing their crops. We shall be highlighting these techniques and how you can use it to make better yield without applying fertilizer.

Originally, the process of planting yam is just by inserting small pieces of yams into a plowed soil and forming a hip of soil on it. After few months the small yam will decay by springing up a stem that bears leaves and flower, when allowed further new yam will start forming to replace the decayed yam, the size of the new yam will depend on the soil nutrient, soil preparation during planting, and the duration the yam is allowed to stay in the soil.

For you to plant yam and ensure it yields good size without using fertilizer, you must ensure that the soil is properly plowed, and dig the hole of about 1 feet in diameter and 2 feet in depth just below the place you are going to place the small pieces of yam you will be planting. At the hole fill it up with decaying materials, sawdust, dried woods, or animal feces any of them can serve the same purpose, then drop some soil before placing the small yam and covering it with soil. If this process is carefully followed, the yam will not only yield big size, it will also yield a straight yam with smooth body when compared to others that has no such preparation.




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