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The new brands of rechargeable devices had been welcomed since they came into the electronics markets, the reason for the quick adaptation to such modern lifestyle is due to the long life of the batteries used in making these devices which completely outweighed the previous devices using acid-lead batteries. It could be noted that in the past most rechargeable lights and radios were made with acid-lead battery, though few people adapted the technology but

It could be noted that in the past most rechargeable lights and radios were made with acid-lead battery, though few people adapted the technology but quickly gave up to it due to the short time the battery could sustain those devices, for this reason, technologist looked further for more reliable power support for devices that could assist in the absent of public power supply which made the development of the recent lifepo4 batteries possible. However, counting on the benefits the development has brought should not make everyone quicklyily overlook some disadvanges it has which may not actually be seriouse in terms of usage.

The modern lifepo4 batteries has made the development of rechargeable fans possible, these model of fan has the capacity of staying in operation up to 6 hours when fully charged and help the user to quickily switch over to the use of the fan when public power supply is not available. Some places that do have shortage of public power supply will find rechargeable fan very usefull due to the duration it can operate when fully charged. Besides that; most of the recent designs do come with lights which also operates with the rechargeable batteries in the fan, the type with light design will always keep the light on for more than 8 hours when operated alone without the fan. Today we shall be looking at the recent faults discovered about the rechargeable fan.

Looking into the faults in the rechargeable fans, they may appear impossible due to the rigidity of the casing in the fan; but such will not ensure 100% durability for such product. They do not actually develop many technical faults like most electrical fans do, rather their faults will only become visible after putting them to use for a very long time. Depending on usage the fan can last even more than the manufacturers estimated time frame, it has been discovered that the rechargeable batteries in them are rated according to the capacity of the electric motor carrying the fan blade.

Rechargeable fans with detachable arms and structure can lose their locking nut at the course of frequently losing and fixing of the nuts, such that it will become difficult to get the fan back to its initial assembling state by the manufacturers, even most technicians render an alternative to this problem by using local metallic devices to fix the fan in its normal position with a disadvantage that the fan may not easily be lossed frequently as it is normally done in the past.

Taking a closer look at the picture above will reveal a disassembled rechargeable fan which has lost its locking nut completely and hence is dropped on one side of the house without being used, the reason not being that any of the operational aspects of the fan is malfunctioning but for the simple fact that it cannot be fixed back.

An alternative to such problem mentioned above is to use a metallic device in positioning the fan back to its initial assembly state even though this may not permit the easy losing of the fan in the future for any suitable reason but it will ensure the fan is put back to use. Note that this option is only useful when an alternative locking nut is not available within your reach or not seen in any technical recycling market within the area.

When operating the rechargeable fan, another thing to look up to is the charging duration, though the recommended charging period may be specified but ensuring the fan battery do not get weak and lose its battery life, it is necessary to charge the battery at least once in a weak especially when the fan is not being used, but when the fan is frequently used then the care should be to avoid overcharging of the battery by ensuring the fan is disconnected from light the moment the fully charged signal is noted.

The rechargeable fans also have been observed to develop faults whenever they are mistakenly used while being plugged for charging. This fault is notable for those model that do not permit the AC/DC switching for interchangeable uses, for such design the fan can only be used when the AC power supply is not connected to it.

There may be other discoveries concerning rechargeable fan I put down this few and believe other gist timers may have their own discovery, please use the comment and forum to expand your view on this topic for the benefit of other readers.

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