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It has become necessary to consider the design of vehicles that may be of greater help to Nigerians since most countries have their vehicle’s designs that are meant for their weather condition and putting other environmental factors into consideration, a good example of such is the vehicles meant for countries with cold weather conditions which may contain anti-freezers, heaters, etc. in them. while in the case of Nigeria weather condition the reverse may be the case.

Considering the threats the raining season and the floods that do follow it is causing to the environment such has called for concern. Recalling the condition that the year 2012 flood created in the environment had created panic in some parts of the country that were greatly affected by the flood, the sad aspect of it is the cracking of many tarred roads both at the expressways, streets & even to rural areas, the roads were destroyed by the flood thereby creating potholes in some of those roads, though the government took necessary actions to repair and restore the roads to their initial stage, it will not be fair to assume such incident may never occur again. For this reason, it is necessary that Nigeria cars have a higher height from the ground (space between the tyres and the ground) like the height jeep tyres have that make it have a good space between the ground and the car body.

Many roads in the rural areas are not good for vehicles with a close gap from the ground, therefore it is necessary that such vehicles be limited to urban cities movement. But reasoning it from a wider point of view most times vehicles get stuck in potholes in those rural roads because of the roughness and condition of such roads especially during the raining season, and my discovery has shown that those vehicles usually have the close gap from the ground.

The need for Nigeria car importers and manufacturers to consider such special vehicles is to ensure that any vehicle bought within the country can travel to anywhere both in urban roads and rural roads. During the year 2012 massive flood that destroyed many roads in Nigeria, many vehicles found it very had to move on the roads that the water on them is above two feet height because of the vehicle’s closeness to the ground.

Just a few days ago I was at a typical village and witnessed the pushing of a vehicle that got stocked in a pothole along the road and the whole thing was not a joke as it took the help of six men to push the vehicle out of the pothole.

The advantage this design will offer is enormous notwithstanding its ability to function very well in both urban and rural areas of the country. It also gives the vehicle a good look, consider the design and look of the vehicles that have high jacked tyres which give good space from the ground and enables the vehicle to come out of any pothole, mud, or roads that contain water.

Though the vehicles that have this feature are currently big vehicles such as JEEP, HIGHLANDERS, LEXUS, ETC. which are costly and not affordable for everyone, but the design can also be included to smaller vehicles like GOLF, V-BOOTS, FLAT BOOTS, ETC. because the prices of these models of cars are cheaper and are mostly used by people living in the rural areas where such incidents always occur.

Though this is the only visible evidence I had obtained for this suggestion, but I still believe that other disadvantages may be in the use of the vehicle with space less than two feet from the ground in our rural environments as we normally see today in the modern design of imported vehicles, notwithstanding that; the modern design still has its own advantages like the aesthetic look it offers to the vehicles,etc.

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