Nigeria senate president senator Bukola Seraki has launched a campaign for the promotion of made in Nigeria products, he stressed the need for Nigeria and other Africans to patronize made in Nigeria goods in this 2017 in other to ensure increase in the Nigerian and African gross domestic products  in general. The Senate President joined most producers in the country in their products campaign through a new foundation launched by the office of the Senate President for showcasing of made in Nigeria Products which has 70% of its raw material obtained within the country. The foundation recently took its campaign to the twitter page of the Senate President urging every producer in Nigeria having 70% of its raw material from Nigeria to come forth with a video coverage showcasing the producers products which they intend to feature and promote through the “Made in Nigeria” campaign.

It will be noted that the Senate President, Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, Deputy Senate President Senator Ike Ekweremadu, among other prominent Nigerians had urged Nigerians to patronize what they produce stressing that most made in Nigeria products are far better than imported products like made in Nigeria cables, shoes, bags, cosmetics, etc. noting that it will not only increase the gross domestic products of Nigeria and Africa at large but will also give other African countries the confidence to use them, and also help the industry to grow through the need for expansion.

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