Nigeria senate President BUKOLA SERAKI, has wonder why emirate an airline operating firm has only 10 Nigerians working for despite the huge patronage from Nigerians. He took this even to his twitter page as he wrote “It is important to address why only 10 Nigerian air host/hostesses work for Emirates. Companies operating in Nigeria must employ Nigerians.”

“I wish the Senate Aviation Committee Chairman a speedy recovery. Once he’s back there is work to do to address this airline employment issue”

“The Senate will work to ensure that foreign entities operating in the country hire more Nigerians. This is important for our domestic growth”

“I am sure that at the time Emirates Airlines started their route, we did not get a good deal for our people. It is time to look into this”

“Considering the size of Nigeria and its market, I would have expected more. Foreign airlines and companies need to hire more Nigerians,I gathered that in countries like Kenya, Emirates Airlines employs close to 1000 Kenyans in their workforce.”…these were comments made by the senate President on his twitter page.

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