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Bicycle had been the lowest means of transportation in terms of cost, it had helped those living in the rural areeas for long before the recent economic recession. It can be estimated around the year 2000 that every civil servant or p0rimary school teacher can afford to buy a bicycle but currently the reverse is the case, the cost of a new bicycle has made it a costly property for those with much income. I was at Aba market popularly known as Ariaria market to check the current cost of new bicycles the prices given to me ranged from N15,000 to N35,000 the lowest price type of N15,000 were the smallest in size and cannot carry any load besides that it does not run fast also.

When I took the statistics to the prices I had earlier in 2002 at Onitsha bicycle market the prices ranged from N5000 to N15, 000 depending on the sizes and designs, It became obvious why only few low income earners can afford a brand new bicycle.

The difference between the farmers bicycle popularly referred to as “palm wine tappers bicycle” the type with highest sizes of tyres diameter and the fancy and well-designed type is just the purpose they were made to serve.

The palm wine tapper type is bigger and can carry two person with small load, because it was purposely built for such purposes such as farmer’s transportation and the transportation of people living in the rural areas. However, this bicycle cost less than the smaller types made with sophisticated designs for the purpose of fun, sport bicycle riding, urban users, and for youths that may wish to own a bicycle, the current cost for the earlier mentioned type is N20, 0000 while the later with fancy designs can be bought from N25,000 to N35,0000.

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