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While projected missiles move as a single bomb aimed at a particular location to be detonated, the lun-class ekranoplan acts otherwise, the plan can carry more than 20 nuclear war heads and project it at a range close to targets and wipe entire city in a minute leaving no living thing alive.

This war jet was developed during the American cold war, but was never used before the Americans won the war, the jet has overwhelming features that could have made it a very disastrous weapon to the enemies, besides this jet; there are numerous other weapons in the US armory that has never been used in war situation beside their testing and experimental uses.

The LUN-CLASS EKRANOPLANE is predicted to have the capacity of wiping out an entire city within a minute of its flight across the city. The technology which made this possible was the numerous number of jet engines used by the jet to be able to fly at extremely amazing speed why having the ability to fly at radial and maneuvering in its movements.

The jet has a very large mass in terms of size and could carry tremendous weights of loads up to 500tons or more. It is built to carry more than 20 nuclear warheads on a single flight and having the capacity of projecting each war head at any location while on air with precision and accuracy. But due to the end of the war, this weapon has never been used to see if it can actually fulfill all that is expected from it.

The jet was said to be one of the strongly built and also highly energetic due to multiple engines mounted on it. However, it is believed that lots of modifications might have been done on the jet ever since it was made, with such it is believed to be more better and effective now that was earlier predicted.

The prediction behind this plane is that, if it could overcome air missiles and fly over a city when fully loaded the entire city will be destroyed within a minute with no living thing to be seen after its attack.

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