Just like every other means of transport, this ancient method of transportation has its unique advantages even though most countries do not recognize it any longer due to the current technological advancement, it could be noted that before the invention of internal combustion engines the gap between the rich and the poor in terms of transport has been the question of who rides on horses and chariots and who treks with feet.

Egypt is one of the country’s first listed in the bible in riding chariots driven by horses which is a symbol of strong military power, this was learned from the event of the Israelites crossing the divided sea and chased by pharaoh’s chariots. China is also among the countries that practiced this method of transport even up to 20th century, to the Chinese it is like a normal lifestyle which does not necessarily has to do with rich or poor. During the reign of Alexandra the great history has it that this method of transport was the only fastest and reliable means of road transport which is mostly used by the authority then for transporting important personalities on a mission.

Today, the use of horses for transport has decreased drastically for some reasons which may include;

The invention of internal combustion engines,

The creation of laws in some countries for animal conservation and management,

The increased cost of horses and their feeding materials,

The low patronage to the cart makers,

The existence of roads mainly for cars transportation and so many other reasons…

The fact still remains that this method of transport made road transportation easier in the past. Recently a horse dealer released a price list for horses and it shocked me how costly this animal could cost simply because some people in African countries still use a horse as a means of transport.

The good thing about horses is that they provided a means of transportation that did not pollute the ozone layer (in the case of carbon monoxides from the exhausts of internal combustion engines).

If this method of transport can be accepted in cities, it would help in the reduction of high demands for petroleum products such as diesel and petrol and serve as a source of fun do to the interaction it establishes between the rider and the horse.

It could be observed that several designs in horse carriages, chariots, and vehicles had been made in the past and such designs had been applauded just as new designs in automobiles are applauded today. The benefit of this is to reduce the increased use of internal combustion engines and save our ozone layer from the continuous effects of carbon oxides and other harmful gases.

Besides the purpose of transportation, some places still use this technology for sports, ceremonies and colorful events. In some places in Africa, it is believed that a new crown king should be carried in a chariot driven by horses as a mark of honor while using this same technology in some advanced countries would be seen as an ancient practice.

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