Life is full of ups and downs: as you rise up, you meet untold acts unfolding and as you fall back, you meet ugliest untold acts as well. Life gives room to man according to the degree of wisdom gotten to live.

Some live as if there have it all, life silence them unexpectedly.

Some live with a strong conviction that life is transient. Whosoever they are at any time, they lend senses to how they live cautiously.

To live beyond life’s projection of unexpected circumstances, see your daily encounter in two forms:

Parts of Life and Arts of Life!

Challenges, issues, disappointment, harsh moments and suppressing phases are: PARTS OF LIFE

Accepting life’s exhibition and Converting challenges, problems, storming blocks, unease moments advantageously in your own favor is called ARTS OF LIFE.

Dear brethren, what troubles you, pulls you off balance, repost you for greater explosion in life. Make proper use of how you are challenged to define how you can be seen, lifted and placed in life.

The Mastery of Arts of Life is what keeps most of us doing well, going well and far, achieving the unimaginable breakthrough in life. The Arts of Life teaches you to make every moment worth living out of numerous predicaments surrounding you.

Whatever I go through are meant to be passed through, don’t give a room for anything of such to do well. You are expected to pass through challenges, don’t build mentality that will carry the challenges along with you to death.

I am fine, doing too well and exceedingly shifting glories to glorified glories not because I am free! No one is free in life.

My strength is the craftsmanship of Arts of Life. God has given you the grace to be useful in any circumstance.

Accepts things that are parts of life and make good use of yourself in all situations. Arts of Life is building oneself beyond parts of life.

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