KOGI STATE UNIVERSITY ANYIGBA…Operation cut their hair.

The Prince Abubakar Audu’s university, formerly known as Kogi State University Anyigba (KSU), has embarked on “Operation cut their hair”.

The university which resumed academic activities on the 14th of September after a long COVID-19 compulsory vacation has adopted a new modal called “Operation Cut their Hair”, which demands the school security going after and disfigure every student’s hair whom they think is too full or indecent in quest to curtail indecent outlook in the university environment.

This create an enormous commotion and panic among students. Some are threatening the school management with an unpeaceful protest while some sees it as a comic exhibition.

It is unarguably right for management to decide how the student should appear and not the student decide how they want to appear on campus, but the big question is “is keeping of long hair indecent”?, “what is the effect of long hair to the academic performance of student”?, “Islam doesn’t condemn long beard, Christianity doesn’t condemn long hair neither do Nigeria constitution condemn any of them, how can we address these?

Below are some of the Facebook comments by the students, though comic.

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