KIDDWAYA’s RELATIONSHIP WITH ERICA: Hear Kidd’s reaction after his eviction.

Kiddwaya exited the Big Brother Naija house last weekend. As part of their welcome back, he was taken round several radio stations in Lagos on a media tour courtesy of BBNaija headline sponsor, Betway Nigeria.

The closeness of Kiddwaya to Erica was a subject of speculation. He was asked while at Classic FM about the status of their closeness. Here is his reply

 “it’s very real.

I have a lot of respect for her

Kidd got a few munites to speak with Ebuka about how he felt about being evicted. He told Ebuka he had been getting bored in the house. “Everyone in the house knew I was getting bored. In the house, you are sheltered, but there’s a whole world outside. I was looking forward to being outside,”

About Erica, he said “I never thought that was how she was going to leave.

 She’s a smart girl, a very strong girl, but there was a lot of alcohol that night, and I was already on two strikes with a strong warning, so I didn’t know what I would do that might earn me another strike.

 At that time, I was looking out for myself.” he says about his involvement in the incident leading up to Erica getting disqualified from the show.

 Following Erica’s exit from the house, Kiddwaya and Laycon got very close. Explaining their relationship he says, “I really respect his craft and I feel like he showed me love and respect and that was mutual.

 If I don’t have an issue with someone, I’m not going to fabricate one from thin air.”

He says he was reluctant to reveal a lot about his background because people might start to feel like he didn’t deserve to be in the house, but first and foremost, he went to the house, to “meet new people, try a different experience, have fun and make connections”. The money was never his primary goal.

 Kidd’s prowess in the kitchen was also a well-known fact.

He says watching his mom and sisters cook, whom he described as “strong and beautiful”, influenced him, and he just picked up the skills.

When asked what attracted him to Erica in the first place, he says “Her sexiness. She was so comfortable in her skin, and was by far, the most confident girl in the house.” Now that he’s out, he’s looking forward to getting back to fitness.

 According to him, that’s his brand. “I’m a fitness guy,” he says. Kidd also revealed that he was looking to restart his spiritual journey and will be planning with his team on next steps post-Big Brother Naija.

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