“Mr. Speaker in the next five years there will be no Nigeria” was followed by a harsh comment of “if you are tired come and enter government”. The well-known Nollywood star and Lagos State House of Assembly Member, Desmond Elliot, tells Nigerian youths. The Movie Star appears to finally take a stand in politics as he points to condemn Nigerian youths. In a statement at a sitting, the Honourable member calls for celebrities and social media influencers to put an end to the protest which is the menace of the youths. In his words, with great vehemence, he puts it as thus: “we need to address certain things, the Nigerian youth, the social media, the social influencers, all of these are making the narratives that we are seeing today. Except we are joking with ourselves. Social media? Yes; though good, has its negative impact. Let me first thank you for condemning the unwanted killing and carnage that happen at Lekki. When I went through the comments, I could not believe it Mr. Speaker; the curses, the abuses from children, and I ask myself, Is this Nigeria, what is going on, children cursing, people having the effrontery to enter an Oba’s Palace, Hold the staff of office? Culture is gone”.

Unfortunately, the Honourable Member is only concerned that the Nigerian youth culture of respect without questioning is gone but never saw the Culture of responsible and accountable leaders gone. Will this be the end of Desmond Elliot’s career in the film industry since he stands as a politician to speak against those who made him both in the entertainment industry and politics, following the level of condemnation he is getting from the Nigerian populace?

His popular statement of “Mr. Speaker in the next five years there will be no Nigeria” simply because he feels the hoodlums who looted in the name of the protest are also classified youths will put an end to the nation unless drastic action is taken and it must be now with immediate urgency. His concern over pregnant women going into malls to pick from the spoils of the violent protesters who destroyed and murdered as a major problem was an inconsiderate one since he knows of the hardship that follows with the advent of the protest.

The Honourable Speaker and Movie star seem to hold celebrities and social influencers over the popular saying of “we die here” as a wrong tag as this is the only country the poor have, on the claims that the rich will go when things get worse, things that will be made worse by the poor masses as his word suggest not minding that it was bad governance that made things to be the way they are in the country.

He concluded his address to the Speaker of the Lagos state House of Assembly by saying “stop the hatred already. You have a means, constitutionally to change government and it’s called your permanent Voters Card (PVC). If you are tired come and enter government”.

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