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There are many Nigerians currently buying vehicles for private use despite the economic recession, it will be a good thing if I shall the little discovery I made in this regard which I believe will be of great help to such individuals planning to buy a car either for private use or for commercial purpose.

I was opportune to visit a car market where lots of cars were displayed for sale, and I took the opportunity to make little research for the purpose of writing post on the prices of cars in Nigeria. It was there I discovered a different thing entirely which prompted me to write this very post first. I discovered that despite the good looks of the cars I was looking at, not all of them are actually new cars or what the sellers called it. A closer look at all of the cars revealed something unique to my knowledge which made me take note of the differences between the new cars, fairly used and imported cars, and the Nigerian used and re-branded cars.


They look very flashy and has all of its parts both in and out appearing new even the seats inside speaks volume of the quality of those cars, while the tyre date of manufacturing is current, some of them even have their manual placed at the front seat of the car and locked up, besides they were also well separated from other types.


When I saw the difference between the brand new car and this very type I believed that majority of the commercial vehicles in the car market today are actually imported fairly used ones, a good example of such is the commercial buses and a good number of some low price private cars like the V-boot and flat boot vehicles. Under this category, I observed only few difference between them and the new cars because they equally look flashy and would be mistaken easily to be brand new cars. The difference I saw was;

The writtings on their tyres had gone weak and the tyre teeth as well.

The seats are not new but were well packed with nylon to look as a new one.

There is no trace of sticker at the body but the paint color is not very sharp like the new ones.

They actually appear just little different from the new cars.


The reason for focusing this post on this very title is because I view it as deception and misleading to sell an old car as the new one just because it was carefully re-furnished and re-branded with new parts and special panel beater works without the knowledge of the buyer. A good number of such car was located at the spaces where new cars are sold it took me a closer level of discussion with one of the apprentices in the dealer park to discover that those cars are actually re-branded and re-furnished Nigerian used cars, I went further to fetch more information when he started saying that those cars are mostly damaged Nigerian cars as a result of accident or other conditions not actually that they were old cars, but whichever one be the case “let’s call a spade a spade” it is not a good practice. Though he emphasized that they do inform some of their customers who wants to buy from the category of new cars about the condition of those re-branded types. From the little discoveries I made from those type of cars which may be hard to notice when staying far are;

They were well actually furnished with new paint at the whole of the car body including areas that ordinarily paints do not suppose to appear for genuine new vehicles such places like the back side of the tyre.

The paint thickness of the cars appeared very thick more than the genuine new cars because the intention was to use the paint in hiding some of the flaws in the car body either as a result of panel beating action or as a result of welding works done on it.

The next visible evidence is for you to quietly look under the car just beneath the tyre level, you will observe that most of the parts there will reveal the old age of the car, in fact, this very action gave me the much clear difference when compared to the new cars.

I was not given access to see the car engine and other things in the bonnet as it was against their policy but I believe it will still give the better difference in appearance when compared to a brand new car.

The whole visible parts of the cars were looking flashy starting from the body, lights, bumpers, seats to even the tyres such that the only way to know if they are fake is by coming close to observe the above-listed activities.

This is just a little discovery I made in a car market whose name I decided to withheld, if this post is helpful to you or you have had similar discovery or have additional contribution based on your own experience in regard to this post it will be highly welcomed through the comment trends, please use the comment trend to air your view.

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