The decision of the Governor of Rivers State Nyesome Wike to disembark the Activities of the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and pronouncing the organisation a terrorist sect in Rivers, thus,  disavowing all claims of Rivers state being Part of proposed Biafra has won the governor the hatred of the group.

Before now, governor Wike placed a bounty fee of 50 million Naira on Mgbere the IPOB leader heading Port Harcourt in the week that ushered in violence against a particular ethnic group by the IPOB members in some part of the State.

In the early hours of today, governor Wike in an interview reaffirms his standpoint as not being scared of the IPOB members, when an anchor of a programme asks what would be his action should the IPOB members choose to attack him outside Nigeria where he has limited Security. The words of governor Wike seem sure as he said, “there are certain things we shouldn’t talk about. I am calm because of the position I occupy but I dare anybody who is an IPOB member”. In a continuation statement, the governor reveals that he would move freely in Europe without looking back; this implies a lack of fear for the group.

This assertion declares the standpoint of governor Wike to terminate and excommunicate all activities of the organization in Rivers State and beyond. Now that Targets are being made at the governor, the big question should be ‘will he survive to see that the grasp of the Biafrans is set loose on Rivers state, what will happen if tomorrow he is no longer the governor, will his decision be a legacy or just a dream differed for the IPOB members?’ any of which, for the moment, the governor will enjoy his Sovereignty as he rightly proclaims in the interview “some of us, for the fact that we are Governors, doesn’t mean that we don’t know the way we are”.

The funny narrative is that while the governor enjoys media attention, Oyigbo a major part of the State is locked in a head to head unrest with reports of the death of its residents on a daily basis since the eruption of peace following the Lekki Tollgate shootout which brings the entire nation to a hysteric mood

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