Originally posted 2017-09-05 13:08:44.

The use of nuclear weapons during the World War 2 brought the technology of hydrogen bombs into existence. The bomb was believed to be more powerful than most nuclear bombs, however; due to the technicality and foreseen danger the bomb was never used.

According to commentary in the TSAR BOMBA HYDROGEN BOMB made by Russians, it was predicted that if such bomb is detonated it would vaporize everything in a 20-mile radius and causing the greatest explosion ever made by any weapon on earth. The radiation produced by the bomb can kill anything within 20 miles away, including the things within its radius of the explosion. It was also predicted to leave a lasting effect in places it is detonated making it impossible for plant or animal to inhabit without any side effect.

This weapon was believed to have its root in Russia’s technology but ever since it was developed, the bomb has never been used in any war situation.

It is believed that if the development of nuclear weapons were not banned, bombs such as TSAR BOMBA HYDROGEN BOMB is capable of destroying the entire earth when detonated in at least 10 to 20 in each country around the globe but the United Nations ban on the development of nuclear weapons brought such danger to a safer situation.


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