A very thick cloud covered the city of Port Harcourt about 8.30 am up to 10 am followed by a heavy rainfall that came with a mighty wind. This incident came as a surprise to the residents of the city being that such cloud and heavy rainfall only occur when the rainy season has fully commenced. But looking at the fact that no serious rain had fallen since the beginning of this year, the believe was that the season has not yet come. The morning of yesterday about 7 am did not appear to be something like that until about 8 am when most people has gone to their various places of occupation that the weather suddenly changed.
The outstanding thing about this cloud was how dangerous it appeared when one look up at the sky, such many people started closing their offices, the market women were not left out as everyone was seen being busy in packing their displayed to a safer place in fear of what the cloud was all about. The next reason for packing and closing of shops, offices, etc. at that early hour was due to how the thick cloud turned the whole place and made everywhere to have night appearance, according to a woman that sells at popular supermarket, she said there was no other option for than to close the supermarket because a situation like that is usually when some customers with bad intensions can easily steal goods without their notice, so asking everyone to go out and closing the supermarket is just a way of securing her goods.
Though the cloud appeared very thick and gave a serious night look everywhere, it did not come with a heavy wind that time. The heavy wind came the moment the rain started dropping such that many roofs for buildings were removed by the wind, it created a high level of rushing everywhere, it was noticed that public electricity supply was ceased to avoid damage to the electricity’s company properties, and reduce the risk of domestic electrical accidents that may be coming from thunderstorm.
The rainfall lasted for hours and with the wind and caused havoc to many residents properties, and flooding every street with water that were removed through the channels provided on the roads after about 30 minutes the rain stopped falling.
It was after the whole incident that most people started talking about the weather forecast for the city of Port Harcourt that yesterday, which majority said it was forecasted.

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