An accident just occurred a few minutes ago along refinery road just before the Alesa-Eleme refinery junction.

According to eye witness report, the accident occurred as a result of large number of vehicles at high speed moving in the same direction. He noted that the road came under heavy congestion but instead of the respective vehicles to slow, they rather maintained their speeds leading to the sudden crushing of each others’ body, with the Toyota Hilux trying to gain balance from the impact received from the nearby vehicle it deviated from its lane and hit an electric pole while at some distance, the samHiluxux climbed a moving motorcycle. it turned out to be miraculous as the cyclist quickly jumped out of the bike on noticing the advancing uncontrolled Hilux.

As at the time of gathering this report, the power holding company officials are on the scene to ascertain the level of damage to the electric poles that were brought down by the Hilux and to evacuate all valuable properties fixed at the poles while still securing the place for the safety of the people around the area.

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