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The practice of having vehicles make a gunshot sound has never been in the mind of our engineers since no one has seen a good reason for such design. But the recent practice by truck owners and builders has proven otherwise.

Almost all the trucks on Nigeria roads have the system built in them, though it may seem irrelevant a clear explanation will reveal how and why such system is very important to the safety of the truck and driver. A lot of people have been seeing any truck or big vehicle that makes shooting sounds to be faulty, which is believed to come from the wrong combustion of diesel by the engine which would have led to such thing. However, it has been made known that some of the sounds of shooting which usually seem like a gunshot coming from heavy duty vehicles were artificially built into it for security and safety purposes.

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A close discussion with a fuel tank driver disclosed how such technology was built into heavy vehicles and the reasons behind its installation. According to him, all the heavy duty motor were built to carry; industrial goods, raw materials, imported containers, petroleum products, manufactured iron/steel products, and recycled iron, steel or plastic, etc. and all these materials are very expensive in the market, hence, they are high target for high way robbery and hidden thefts. Therefore; the system is built into the heavy duty motors to aid it in scaring away armed robbers and thefts by working with the following principle; when a particular place is pressed and held for a long time on releasing of the hand or leg from such a place the accumulated air would come out with high pressure making such sound. Another type is a system fixed into the vehicle which functions like a horn, once it is pressed; it will produce such sound.

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From the working principle above, it is believed that whenever the vehicle is approaching areas seemed to be a danger zone especially in the night, the sound would be made to scare away the armed robbers whom might think the truck has army or police men in it which shall make their attack on the vehicle impossible. Besides that; another systematic arrangement can make it possible that a touch on any part of the vehicle can produce such sound, which is meant to scare away anyone trying to hide and steal anything from the content of the truck.



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