Have you ever wondered how to acquire a tractor for your agricultural purpose without spending the heavy cost of tractors in the market? We think there is an option for that. The question is; do you have any diesel engine with high torque and momentum? If the answer is yes, then it will cost you very little to have a locally made tractor for farming purpose.

The model of tractor shown below is a good example of how a tractor can be. Depending on the work you need the tractor to do, the sizes may vary but such variation should be proportional to the size of the engine.

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Almost all the modern tractors used in farming were made with diesel engines, the reason is due their high efficient in pulling heavy loads while working at low speeds. The secret behind it, is the higher torque that are easily obtainable in diesel engines.

Analyzing how to build your own tractor from a heavy-duty diesel engine, we shall be using the model of the tractor picture above for emphases.

From the picture, the tractor has four tyres; two big tyres at the back and two small tyres at the front, the reason for such design is to enable it to overcome resistance when pulling loads forward. The gap between the small tyres and big tyres is where the diesel engine was mounted with a neat casing covering it to give good look and carries the diesel tank also. The driver seat is located just after the diesel engine at the gap between the two big tyres. Below the diesel engine is a long shaft connecting the engine to the gear box of the two big tyres, which will transmit the rotation of the engine to the tyres and cause them to move accordingly. The exhaust of the engine was made to face upward to assist gravitational force on the tractor while working.

Depending on the gear box, an option for reverse movement may be made, but since it is a locally made type, if such provision is not available you may procced with your simple design as shown above.

The steering handle was fixed using a link mechanism from the front of the driver’s seat to the front small tires with the reverse handle located beside it for easy operation.

Such is the simplicity of tractors, now can you see how you can easily build yours by buying some intricate parts from the market and converting your diesel engine to become a tractor.


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