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Having a quality car is necessary and maintaining it is also necessary. It is sad when one acquires a good car and loves the car so much and suddenly the need to drop such arises. The truth is that irrespective of how much we maintain the car we love, it can never last forever as we may expect. According to the half-life theory, every material on earth made by made has its life-span and that applies to the metals used in the manufacturing of that your favorite car, which simply means the car has its expiring date. When the expiring date is reached the car will start suffering from metal fatigue a good sign that gives rise to metallic rust and internal cracking of the metal sheets of the car body. You now see the reason it will not last forever. The fatigue and depreciation of the car bodies and other major parts including the gearbox have nothing to do with the expiring date of its engine, be it new or old car engine.

Fatigue and cracks in the car cannot be attributed to an accident or misuse rather it is a good sign of the decaying half-life circle of the car. When a car or any product made in the engineering field is in such condition, then using it further may be an invitation to mechanical failure and fatality which includes road accident.

When a car reaches its half-life circle, the unexpected starts happening to range from constant gearbox failure, brake failure, to electrical malfunctioning of the car.

According to Non-destructive test (NDT) records fatigue contributes to some of the accidents of plan crash. That is because, it is such a silent killer in any mechanism made by man, works very slowly yet perfectly destructive. The effects of fatigue can take up to two years to become noticeable, yet research has shown that through NDT inspection it can be detected earlier and then prevented or controlled and help users to know the actual condition of any mechanical device and when to drop them and go for new ones.

A good and preferred car must be allowed to go when the sign of fatigue shows up, even when you may not know what fatigue is all about and how to know if your car is having it, a good sign is when your car starts giving you series of faults after using it for years…then it is time to let go of the car for good.



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