CRUDE OIL has been in Nigeria for years ever since it was discovered in 1952 at Oloibiri in current Bayelsa state, the process of exploitation and exploration of the crude had created many problems in the past with regard to environmental pollution following those process.

Crude oil is an organic substance formed as a result of the dead animals and plants that go and settle beneath the sea bed and is gradually covered with the soil of the sea bed at a location in which they can no longer be carried away or moved by the flowing water which is popularly referred to as TRAP OR RESERVOIR, this is the place its movement cannot be continued beside at this stage it is still a normal organic material of dead animals and plants, when these organic materials are settled in the trap such that they cannot move further, then the in flowing water current will cause the sands and soils beneath the sea beds to cover the trap . The process is continued until all the whole trap is covered such that there would and in-built of pressure and temperature to the organic material to cause a possible formation of crude oil. This valuable substance had been a source of revenue to many countries that has it in commercial such that they are able to sell it to the countries in need of them for revenue generation. Crude oil has been found to contain numerous number of hydrocarbons which could yield to different product when the crude will be subjected to fractional distillation otherwise known as refining of crude oil.

Today the value of crude oil has gone down in the foreign market such that crude is now sold within $50 to $30 per barrel as against its booming prices of $200 to $100 previously.

The crude oil has two major types referred to heavy crude or light crude (sweet crude), the latter is mostly preferred by investors due to its ability to contain less Sulphur and yields more refined product that the heavy crude, as such it is more costly in the market.

Notwithstanding all these, most communities in Nigeria believed that crude oil has
some natural benefit when used in the environment; such that some of them do get the unprocessed natural crude oil for the purpose of domestic application, that may be one of the reasons most popular markets in Nigeria do have places where natural crude oils are sold.
some people in these communities had attributed some of their healing of different sickness to their use of crude oil even for spiritual issues though sounds funny anyway, my wonderful concern goes to their beieve that when crude oil is applied in and around the environmentit kills mosquitoes and reptiles,below are some of the natural benefits given to me and i was able to list them carefully for the purpose of this article, but the qustion is how possible can that be, is there any scientific support to these claim?


There is believe in these communities that Natural crude oil could serve as insecticide, the believe was that if someone has a full bottle of crude oil and use a spraying can to spray it inside the room mainly attacked by mosquitoes, it would immediately eliminate the mosquitoes in the room within few seconds, besides it can be traced that most of the commercial insecticides were made from refined products of crude oil i really don’t know if that has anything to do with the believe.


It is believed there, that crude oil do chase away reptiles whenever it is sprayed within the environment, the popular reptiles according to the information mostly affected by natural crude oil are; Snakes, lizards, millipedes, cockroaches, wall decors, etc. These reptiles tends to avoid any form of closeness to places that natural crude are sprayed. They said that best way to apply this crude to the environment for the purpose of chasing reptiles, is to pour or sprayed the crude oil on the walls and floor,their discovery was that after applying it one may notice the death of reptiles that has no place for escape.


This sounds funny but; is it true? a lot of people in these communities had said that spraying crude oil in their environment and rooms reduces their frequency of spiritual night attacks. Night attacks is a common thing among Africans which are mostly attributed to the activities of evil forces, so most spiritualist in those communities use it as their therapy in curbing spiritual attacks.


Scientifically crude oil destroys any green plant located around it,in these communities thy believed that grasses do not grow wherever crude oil is sprayed, though originally crude oil has its natural manner of damaging soil’s fertility. From my observations i noticed that many the community woman use as a means of eliminating grasses within their environment by thoroughly spraying it with little addition of water, this practice and believe made to refer to the initial knowledge about crude oil which said it destroys soil fertility making it impossible to germinate plants and if that be the case those practicing such may be destroying the fertility of land within the environment.
From all these discoveries i thought it necessary to put down this article if anyone has any personal experience that supports all these claims the comment box is open to share your experience so as to either encourage or discourage such practices. Also note that the communities where these discoveries were made are rural areas in the Niger Delta regions in Nigeria, therefore their exposure and believes may or may not support any scientific believe.

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