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The simplest weapon in appearance yet the most destructive and powerful weapon ever made by man. when combined with another of it, the destructive power will drastically double and making it faster in destroying anything made by man or that exists in nature within a blink of eyes.

The United States has demonstrated series of experiment with this technology which is believed to become the future weapons of every advanced country to be used by their military. A technology believed to render other military weapons useless including nuclear weapons. A recent video released on this technology has shown that it could destroy any missile fired into the air within few minutes.

The technology which works according to laser principle has no banning since it has no negative effect on the environment it is used, unlike the nuclear weapons which leave a permanent damage to where it is used. The U.S. military has gone beyond using the technology for city and border protections, now experiments are carried out on the use of such technology in jet fighters, drones, and other means.

However, if all experiments carried out on this technology are successful; it means the use of projectile weapons in the military will soon become useless since nothing made of metal would cross any atmosphere that has the HIGH ENERGY LASER TECHNOLOGY on the air.

This invention would not only make the world safer but would also reduce the tension that nuclear weapons poses around the globe since none of the nuclear weapons can withstand the power of laser technology.


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