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Recently someone asked me through an email on the recent price for one bundle of Aluminum roofing sheet in Nigeria. Though not knowing what the intention of such inquiry is meant for the person, so I decided to publish it as an article for the benefit of others who may require such information. After going through the email I was motivated to make research in regard to the sender's request, who also acknowledged my website's content and its services. I made calls to most aluminum dealers that I have their contacts a few days later to confirm and ensure I give out accurate information to the email response.

A response from a dealer residing in Onitsha confirmed that most Aluminum for roofing is being supplied directly by the Aluminum companies. The company would come and take the measurements of the area or the space to be roofed with the aluminum and this practice is basically for the long pan type. If one is seeking price for the long pan aluminum the truth is that the price differs according to the thickness of the aluminum and the size of your roofing space, so I cannot categorically give you a figure for it but with calculations we can obtain an approximate amount for your roof and that is if you can provide the information in regard to the width and total length of your roofing space as well as the height of it. Thi is because it has been found that most of these Aluminum companies measure it per square meter so in that case, the price for each type is fixed based on the thickness and its square meter.

For example, one may get a dealer that can calculate a square meter of Aluminum with 0.8mm thickness for N8000, so if you sum up the total square meters that your roof has; assuming it to be 150 square meters, then the price would be just N8000 X 150 Square meters = N1, 200, 000. Which means the company would charge you this amount which may include the fixing and adding of facial boards.

So, in summary, the price for the long pan do vary according to the dealer and the company supplying it as well as the thickness of that Aluminum, it is ranged from 0.5mm to 1mm, with the latter being the thickest Aluminum roofing sheet in the market today. However, another type of aluminum roofing sheet is the short pan which comes in different colors just like the long pan type. The only difference between the long pan aluminum with the short pan aluminum is just the thickness, beauty of roofing and its length.

Meanwhile, this short pan is cheaper in terms of economic considerations. From the market survey it was discovered that this short pan popularly called "Cameroon sheet" was being sold at N45, 000 for zinc color (non-colored) and N50, 000 for other colored brands as at January 2016 for a bundle which usually contain 50pieces of that sheet measuring 8feet in length and 4feet in width for each aluminum sheet inside it, but following the inflation in the economy and the high rise of dollar against naira this short pan is now being sold at N60, 000 for zinc color and N75, 000 for other colors.

Beside this,  prices also vary based on the location of the person within Nigeria, if the dealer is within the south-west and south-east part of the country it is possible to beat this price but those residing in the northern part and south-south zone may likely get it at a higher price. Note, that the short pan Aluminum has its limitations which is the reason why many people don’t like using it.  The limitations are;

  • It comes with a low range of thickness. Not higher than 0.5mm thickness when measured with micrometer screw gauge.
  • It is short, measuring about 8 feet length and 4feet width hence it will require more Aluminum nails, roofing woods, and other roofing sheets than the long pan.
  • It can easily create holes on its surface, while trying to fix it, due to its low thickness. Hence, causing roof leakage of water during rainfall.
  • It does not look organized and aesthetic as the long pan aluminum does after roofing the building.
  • It comes with only 50 pieces in a bundle which means up to 10 bundles may be required for a large house which may have little difference in the price for the long pan.
  • It requires a specialist to fix it so that it fits in properly.
  • Some loosed parts may be making jerking sounds when breeze will be blowing or when rain is about to fall.
  • And so many other issues regarding it yet to be discovered but nevertheless it is still the best option for a good looking roof when there is little availability of money.

Please make your comment in regard your own discovery in this post.

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