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the cooling system of the engine

During the process of servicing the cooling system of internal combustion engine, one necessary step is to empty the cooling system and ensure that all the water in circulation within and outside the engine is properly removed before commencing on the repair or servicing of the system.

If you want to work on the cooling system below are the necessary steps you need to take to avoid creating more job as a result of damage to parts and any other negative effect on the engine.

It is advisable to check the water-cooling system at least twice a year or every 6000 miles, removing any dead insects or dirt blocking the air flow through the radiator fins and inspecting hoses for cracks, kinks or perishing all signal weakness. Most anti-freeze solutions are good for two years use but before the winter starts, it is necessary to check the strength of the anti-freeze, and the best way to do this; is by subjecting it to a gravity test using a hydrometer to ascertain its current gravity to know if it is still in accordance with the previous or earlier standard. In most cases fresh anti-freeze may be added to the existing one to make up the needed properties of the anti-freeze.

When the time come to change the anti-freeze any deposit in the cooling system should be flushed out after draining.

  1. Place the heater control to “hot” or fully open the cylinder head water valve to prevent air locks. If the anti-freeze is to be re-used, an old bowl will catch the coolant.
  2. Remove the radiator cap or plug slowly, using a large pad of folded cloth to protect your hands if the system is hot. Undo any air bleed valves (but do not remove them).
  3. Open the radiator drain plug or tap, if fitted, and the plug or tap on the cylinder block- the handbook will show its location. If there is no radiator plug or drain tap, disconnect the bottom hose to let the water out.
  4. If the water trickles slowly from a tap or plug, it is probably blocked by sediment which can be dislodged by prodding with a piece of wire.

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