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Snipper, the popular chemical in Africa today was actually developed for an Agricultural purpose by the agrochemical industries, the acting areas of it were to eliminate all the crop parasites and other underground living organisms affecting crops.  Today a lot of people had started using the same chemical for the purpose of eliminating mosquitoes and other flying insects in houses, though this practice is new it has been proven to be very effective even more that the famous household insecticides sold in the African markets.

However, due to the reaction that usually takes place within the environment that this chemical is spread, most people has resorted to start asking questions such as; “how safe is sniper being used as a household insecticide? “ well the question has its straight answer from the results seen while using it.

It has been noticed that when the concentration of snipper is high in water when spraying it, the solution will tend to cause seizure of breaths and facial skin reactions to anyone spraying it, especially if the person stays long in the fumigated area. It is because of this reaction that some persons do use clothes to cover their nose and faces while spraying the chemical, and that was also the major reason everyone is concern about the safety in the use it.

However, good result in the use of snipper and water had been seen when the concentration is very low. A good example of such low concentration is having the cap of the snipper container filled up and added it in 1.5 liters of water. With this mixing ratio, applying the solution in houses will have less effect to the user and it will still have the same ability in eliminating houseflies and mosquitoes. Experiment has it that snipper solution kills mosquitoes and houseflies quickly than some commercial insecticides but the problem remains the safe mixing ratio of this chemical and the fear that many people has about whether it has any possible side effect in using it.

the full precautions about snipper application and instructions can be seen by the side of its plastic container.


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