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Barbing is one of the available jobs any unemployed person can venture into, but the problem is the acquisition of the barbing skill which is where we shall be focusing in this article.

The skills required to start barbing and have a nice haircut for people will be clearly experienced in this article. As a beginner zealous to start a barbing salon business you need a clipper first for practical reasons as mentioned in our previous post. Assuming the clipper has been made available how to you use it to barb your hair?

Before making any attempt to start learning how to barb below are things you need to know in the clipper;


The starting point of becoming a barber is to learn basic things about the clipper and how they operate, that is the reason the referred post was written so reading it will help in gaining insight into solving clippers problems.


The blade of the clipper is made of two pieces one at the top is static while the smaller one below moves in oscillating motion which creates the cutting effect.

However, the blade has its method of adjustment which is mostly located on the side of the clipper in such a way that any push or pull on it will either make the upper static blade to either go inside or come outside from the body of the clipper.


The step combs usually come with the clipper when it is purchased, they are sets of different ranges of steps which is usually fixed at the static blade of the clipper. The function of this step comb is to reduce the depth of cut on the hair during haircutting. The range used will determine how deep the clipper will cut the hair.

Therefore, adjusting the static blade to come out from the smaller blade means creating a haircut that will give “low cut style” such that the hair will be cut so close to the skin yet the skin will not be visible about 0.5mm lengths in the haircut is possible.

While bringing the two blade close to have the same level means having sharp cutting edges which will make the clipper to cut the hair to the skin level thereby revealing the whole skin and leaving no trace of visible hair, it is this same adjustment that is used during the carving of the hair.

The use of step combs makes the depth of the cut to reduce, which is mostly used for afro haircuts.


Another important thing to learn is the speed adjustment of the clipper, this is because some brands of clipper do not operate at high speed for a long time if such instruction is neglected the coil of the clipper may get burnt. The speed adjustment can be located at the right side of the clipper having a slot for key adjustment which usually comes with the clipper. The adjustment of the speed is done by either turning it clockwise for a speed increase or turning it anti-clockwise for speed decrease. The best speed for barbing should produce low or average sound with higher oscillation movement of the smaller blade.


The next thing to learn is how to position the clipper during cutting such that you wouldn’t wound yourself or another person with the clipper. To give a nice cut ensure that the angle the clipper makes with the hair during cutting does not exceed 45 degrees which are half of angle 90 degrees, the best is cutting at 30 degrees for low cuts, while afro cuts may require positioning the clipper at 45 degrees during the upper part cuts. The angle of cut is very important because the incident of clipper cutting people’s skin is as a result of the wrong angle of cut.


Carving is the process of creating sharp edges of the haircut round the hair, one way to ensure a good carving of hair after the whole hair cut is to bring the two blades in the clipper so close that no one is higher than another, the same adjustment that can be used for skin cut style, the clipper is then positioned at about 45 degrees to give sharp cutting at the front and back of the hair.

With these few tips, I believe you would come out becoming a professional barber, such that one day you can still teach others.

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