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It is not bad to be tasty when traveling but the safety of your health should be put into consideration when making any decision. It has become a regular habit for most travelers to but edible items including water while they are on the road, this act has been found to put some of the people doing such into danger of health problems.

From the discovery submitted to us by a traveler who passed through the east-west road to Warri, Delta state, narrated how he suffered severe stomach upset after consuming two bottles of bottled water bought along the express while on the journey. The information has it that the two bottle water were having different brand names and the brand names written on them appears to be a very familiar brand which is well known to be good products.

According to him, he bought these bottles of water from one seller along mbiama-patani expressway because he was tasty and saw that the water had been chilled with ice block, with that he was convinced to buy. But after consuming one of the bottle he noticed minor sign of stomach bite but felt its just a sign of hunger, worsening the situation he consumed the next bottle after the meal he took at Ughelli when the bus stopped, on reaching home to his greatest surprise that he could not stand up do to a severe stomach condition that led him to start vomiting for over 8 hours. After being taken to the hospital the doctor made reference to something he drank which happens to be that water.

After the entire treatment was made which took him two weeks to recover fully, the regular gist timer decided to share the ugly experience with us. So any time you are travelling it is better to buy your edible items in nearby shops where the seller can be traced in the case of any eventuality.

However, even before this report came a lot of people had raised alarm on how some individuals are going about picking already finished or empty water bottles, juice cartons, tins, malt can, etc. and it is believed that they are supplying them to backyard manufacturers who uses them to package their fake and counterfeit products. Hence, consumer should be aware of this trick and find ways to avoid buying those poison in the name of products.




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