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The concrete walled sucker pits are sucker pits that are made by using a complete mixture of cement and stones with little quantity of sand to form the floor and using wooden boards to form the walls of the sucker pit according to the wall of the pit already created by digging operation, the concrete in the liquid state will be poured in the spaces created by the wooden board. The concrete will be allowed to solidify for about 24hours depending on the viscosity of the concrete poured, if the thickness viscosity is watery then it could stay up to 24 hours for the concrete to become a complete solid. But in the case where the concrete was a little bit strong or containing little water in its content then is will require a shorter period to solidify but the disadvantage of it is that you will require a poker to poke this type of concrete in order not to create holes in the sucker pit walls after solidification, not that poking is like a kind of vibrator to vibrate the concrete.

The advantage of this type of sucker pit is the inability of water or anything within the soil were the sucker pit was dogged to attack or affect the life span of the sucker pit. Hence this type of sucker away or sucker pit are used were the soil is exposed to floods and erosions or other environment problems because of this problem most water line areas in Nigeria cities use this type of sucker pit.

Another advantage of this sucker pit is its ability to withstand any weight that would climb on it example is vehicle, human and vibrations, etc. its strength cannot be compared to the block walled types.

But the major disadvantage is its initial cost for the building of it, as many cements rods, stones, are required and these items are more costly than ordinary sand which is required in a little quantity in the concrete.

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