The block walled sucker pit is the type commonly used in most places in Nigeria that have its soil free from environmental attacks the percentage of building using this type of sucker pit is about 80%. The reason is not limited to its low cost of building but also the easy and quick method which is involved in building it.

If this type of sucker pit is to be made strong solid blocks will be used in the wall lining while the floor and its top cover will be filled with concrete, block walled suck pit can either be reinforced or unreinforced sucker pit.

The reinforced sucker pit is the type that can withstand heavy loads and vibration when they are exposed to it, example if a small vehicle pack on top of it would not collapse, and note that its strength cannot be compared to that of concrete walled sucker pit. The reinforced sucker pit use to have iron or steel rods banded together in the form of rectangular shape to create rectangular pillar within the four corners of the sucker pit, sometimes the pillar can be up to six or more depending on the strength required and the rods are joined together with the surface rods for the top cover or top floor. And the top cover will be filled with concrete having a strong iron or steel rods inside to support the loads or vibrations that may land on it.

The unreinforced type has only blocks at its walls while the top will be made with concrete having little and soft rods to hold the concrete cover while it covers the whole sucker pit. The floor has no rods except ordinary concrete to avoid water leakage and sinking of the sucker pit.

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