Following the trend of situations in the country, the protest, the shootout at Lekki tollgate, the obvious silence of the Nigerian government and the last address of Retired General, Muhammadu Buhari, as the president of Nigeria which left the country’s citizens hysteric rather than calming down issues, the demand for good governance intensifies now more than ever.

The convener of the famous Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement, Aisha Yesufu, calls on the government Nigerians to intensify the demand for a much clearer representation in the governing system of the nation blaming the situation on the national constitution. Earlier today, she made the statement a much more public one when she posted on her Twitter handle the exact words “We need a new constitution”.

With this statement, one does but to wonder what is wrong with the present constitution, does it no longer work to govern the Nigerian nation, why now, why not before now if it was having a discrepancy? The activist continues to agitate for good governance as before now, she has on her Twitter handle wrote an open letter to the Nigerian government and another bitter truth as she may consider was published to the hearing of the government. she wrote “Dear Nigerian Government, Rein in your thugs! You asked protesters to trust you and yet you send thugs under the watchful eyes of the security agents to harass, maim and kill. Today they started with destruction, first in Abuja and now in Benin. STOP! #EndSars”.

The lady who appears to be stronger than her looks has times without number challenge president Muhammadu Buhari to be up to the duty of being the Nigerian President in the face of the surging demand for justice against police brutality and bad governance. Although her struggle appears to be for the common good of the nation. Her fellow counterpart northern women do not seem to quite agree with her ideology as her tweet gets a response from one Maman Zarah, a Twitter user also warning her of her taken actions.  The respondent answered in Hausa as thus “in ki ka yi sanadin maida qasar mu Syria, bazaki gama da duniya lafiya ba. Insha Allah (if your plan is to turn this nation to Syria, it shall not be well with you by the grace of God).

Despite the serial attacks and hate on social media against the activist, she kept on with her ideology of championing the course for a better Nigeria as she and others of her kind believe.

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