gist time media is meant to serve the needs of internet users seeking information in the field of engineering, environmental conditions of places they know, “how to do things” articles, entrepreneurship investment guide in Nigeria and sharing available gist from the members while still keeping them as friends for additional information and supports in the future.

In regard to this, gist time media is committed to giving an originally generated contents to its visitors and members, and we expect any member that wish to post a content in this site to do the same.

we will be focusing on solving the problems of visitors and members who may ask a question through comments, forum or gist updates and such solution will not be limited to gift time media alone rather the active members had been given the access to post on the website in regard to solving problems from the questions or problem that needed solution either in the forum or activity page.

gist time media is initiated by; Engr. Philip Nduka, a graduate of mechanical engineering and a member of Nigeria Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE), an NDT INSPECTOR with vast knowledge in various engineering fields with hopefully supports from other engineers and members we can reach our goal.

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