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26. Which of the following industries is associated with foundry activities……. Answer is C
A) chemical industries,
B) mechanical industries,
C) metallurgical industries,
D) construction industries
27. One of these is among the popular chemicals use in the making of soaps…….Answer B
A) chlorine
B)sodium hydroxide
C) magnesium hydroxide
D) starch
28. Which of these is the major contributor to the vibrations in an engine…………Answer is C
A) damaged bearing
B) excess lubrication oil
C) misalignment of the engine
D) corrosion of the engine parts
29. In the making of soaps, the popular technics is to………….answer D
a) Expose the mixture to direct sunlight
b) Put the mixture in a microwave
c) Allow the mixture for 24 hours to form soap
d) Boil the mixture and stir until it forms soap
30. If two crops; crop A and crop B are samples of experiment, crop A was kept at direct sunlight, while crop B was kept indoor; which of the cops will first germinate? Answer C
A) crop B will germinate first
B) both crop A and B will germinate at the same time
C) crop A will germinate first
D) non- of them can germinate
31. The purest sources for a clean water is……..Answer A
A) distilled water
B) rain water
C) borehole
D) chlorinated water
32. Which of these drives causes reverse in the rotational direction…….Answer C
A) belt drives
B) chain drives
C) gear drives
D) none of the above

33. The causes of internal porosity of metal can be one of the following…….Answer C
A) poor machining
B) properties of the metal
C) wrong pouring of the metal during foundry
D) the use of faulty mold in shaping the metal

34 The common fault of belt drive is……..Answer A
a) Sagging
b) Wear and tear
c) Corrosion
d) Vibration
35. The function of earthed wire in electrical appliances is to………Answer B
A) conduct electricity
B)direct excess charges to the ground
C) assist the live wire to carry voltage,
D) none of the above

36. The following can assist the conductivity of electrical wire except………Answer D
A) the terminal connections
B) the distance of the connection
C) the area of the wire
D) increasing the number of resistors

37. If an earthed wire is touching the live wire in an electrical connection the result would be……Answer B
A) discontinuity of the connection
B) shocking of electrical appliances
C) sparks in the electrical connections
D) none of the above
38. The common fault of gear drive is……Answer C
A) Sagging
B) noise
C) wear and tear
D) corrosion

39. Which of these can be used for the lubrication of static parts of an engine…..Answer D
A) condemned oil
B) engine oil
C) wax
D) grease
40. Which of these can be used for the lubrication of dynamic parts of an engine……Answer C
A) grease
B) graphite
C) engine oil
D) diesel

41. The following are process of joining metals except……Answer A
A) molding
B) riveting
C) soldering
D) brazing

42. The gases released in the air during burning contains mostly one of these……Answer D
A) oxygen,
B) Sulphur,
C) argon
D) carbon monoxide

43. The flywheel in an engine can help in………..Answer C
A) increasing the speed
B) decreasing the speed
C) storing the momentum
D) destroying the momentum

44. One of these can be a sign for faulty bearing…….Answer D
A) corrosion
B)excess smoke from exhaust
C) overheating
D) noise

45. Streamlining in engineering has one advantage which includes……Answer C
A) resonance
B) echo
C) stability
D) impact strength

46. The strength of pillars can be determined by the following except……..Answer D
A) concrete mixing ratio
B) sizes of rods
C) size of the pillar
D) all of the above

47. The theory of gravitational pull affects only the …….of a body, Answer A
A) weight
B) mass
C) none of the above
D) all of the above

48. The air contains most of the following gases except……..Answer C
A) Nitrogen
B) Argon,
C) Helium
D) Carbon dioxide

49. One of the following can change the malleability of metal………Answer D
A) Forging
B) Machining
C) Shaping
D) Quenching
50. Which of these practices changes the crystal structure of metal……..Answer A
A) Forging
B) Machining
C) Quenching
D) None of the above

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