Asaba is a capital city of Delta state in Nigeria with a population of about 50,000 people as at 2006 but now can number over 500,000 people or even more. The recent continuous development in the city has made many in the rural area to migrate to the urban city notwithstanding the high cost of living in the city. Asaba which has been the state capital is located in delta north such that many local government can be said to make up the city following the recent expansion which has reach both Ibusa, Okpanam, Oko,Okwe, and Ugbomro areas, as the people living in these places are regard to be part of the city not minding that they do not make up the original map of Asaba city. Initially few people reside in this city especially in the 1990’s due to its poor infrastructure and low activities in the city except drinking bars, clinics, and few government schools.
However, the situation started changing when the government on seat in 2004 built very roads that linked the city to neighboring cities and beautified those roads with street lights such that travelling in the would not be a problem to the city occupants, the street lights also gave a very good look to the city when one takes a work in the night, thereby increasing mobility and relaxation centers activities in the night. The roads also beautified the city and helped commercial activities to start developing quickly in the area.
Although the roads initiated it, but there are things the government did which will discuss on our highlighted points on what made the city of Asaba to become one of the developed and secured city in the country.
Following the developments by the state government around 2006 so many investors started flopping into the city to acquire lands such that most lands located in strategic places within the city were sold off, as at 2010 more than 50 hotels and relaxation centers can be found within the city of Asaba. The social activities in the city were greatly increased such that since then more investors has been coming to acquire land in the neighboring towns such that many local governments had been seen to be part of Asaba which originally were not. The recent building and starting of SHOPRITE located at Okpanam road have given more boost to the city and made more investors start developing their properties in the area. The banks had also contributed to the expansion of the city following its method of building branches across almost every road in the city.
It can be said that Asaba has the highest number of primary and secondary private schools which most were built by Catholics and private individuals.
The state government policies and the establishment of several agencies within the city have dragged most Deltans from different communities into the city of Asaba due to the employment coming from those agencies since most of them employ only Deltans.
The state government made a lot of arrangement for the sweeping of the road, beautifying of the roads by planting flowers, installing big diesel generator at different locations of the road to power the street lights in the case of no public power supply in the night, and also maintaining and building more roads into the interior of the city such as streets with any government property located in it. The activities of the state government contributed immensely to the city development and its policy on land development and planning, allocation of street names, fences and gates policy, and lots more.
The federal government on the other did a lot in the security development of the city by building several police stations within the city, thereby enhancing the presence of the police within some distance in every major roads and station located on most streets.
The federal government also assisted in terms of power supply I could remember that as at 1990’s to 2010 Asaba recorded a very high rate in the electricity supply to cities in Nigeria. This made most businessmen that need electricity for their business to survive or be efficient to relocate to the city due to its ability to record 12 hours supply of light every day.
The recent buildings in Asaba had created new looks such that everyone building a house in the cities have to maintain that standard if not the building will look awkward and poorly built in the eyes of the residents in the area.
Besides the different aesthetic designs, most of the building were done with costly materials in other to have its great look. Majority of the modern buildings in Asaba cannot be traced in the main city of Asaba rather they are found in places like Okwe, Ibusa, Okpanam, etc. which are little distance away from the main city of Asaba, the reason is because these places were only area lands can be seen by the interested investors. Since the main city has been filled up with so many structures.
Due to the nature of investments in the city, it has attracted most people with lots of money to spend on relaxation activities and social lives. Most people refer to it as the city for the rich since almost every compound has modern cars inside it while looking from outside, and early in the morning on coming out of the popular Nnebisi road, one could notice the ranges of modern cars of different brands and designs moving on the road. It has been a thing of discussing for the inhabitants when the high cost of living in this city with the neighboring cities are raised. Most people in the city complain of the high cost of food items, house rent, and the cost of clothes in the boutiques located in the main city, yet notwithstanding many enjoy living there because of other benefits.
Considering its classical nature for the rich only, most people who cannot afford the cost of buying things within the city, due take the advantage of Onitsha the commercial city which is very close to it by just crossing the Niger bridge with commercial bus at the cost of N150 to buy what they needed in large quantities and save lots of money that could have gone to buying in the city. This is what made life easier for many people residing in the main city.
As with every capital city, a lot of projects by both the state and federal governments had been executed in the city to help in its development.
The business men in Onitsha the neighboring city took the advantage of Asaba development and move into the city in a way of easing the stress in the congestion of Onitsha city. Some of them join hand in developing the city after inhabiting for a long time, by purchasing lands at any available area and building their own house instead of living in a costly rented apartment.
The indigenes of the city who sold their lands at very outrageous price quickly bought another larger lands and built mansions on the lands which are another factor that greatly increased the development and expansion of the city.
Nollywood contributed in an enormous way by using Asaba as one of the major city for the shooting of movies, such that most times people come in contact with Nollywood celebrities either while shooting a movie or while in other social activities. This made people refer to the city as a very clean and modern place for shooting of movies. While others who wants to join the industry move into the city to search for the connection.
Hence, Asaba has developed to a level that everything in it is modern and the city has recorded low cases of arm robbery, kidnapping, raping, and other criminal activities despite its large population of rich and middle-class occupants.

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