Am compiling the list of past questions in the engineering industries and believing to obtain about 500 questions in the engineering industries such as; oil and gas, construction, chemical, metallurgical, and manufacturing industries, etc.

please do not forget this is a platform for engineers to rub minds together on various issues that could help us develop further in our career, therefore will I keep on adding the list of the question periodically and providing answers to the ones I have the answers, it is your duty to keep up to date with the latest update in the list; it is also your duty to provide answer if you know it to any of the questions the answer is not provided for the benefit of others. The major purpose is the sharing of information to upgrade our knowledge in the engineering field.

Due to legal reasons I have decided to remove the names of the companies these aptitude test questions were obtained;

  1. How long does it take the light from the earth?                                                            answer is A                                                                                                             A) 500seconds       b) 1 hour         C) 1 hour 30mins     D) it happens instantly
  2. What is the unit for conductance?                                                                                Answer is D                                                                                                           A) ohm                      B)mho                    C)hertz                    D) Siemens
  3. If a mass of 5kg compresses two springs arranged in series to 10cm length, how long will it Compress the springs when arranged in parallel?                                  answer is D                                                                                                                A) 2.5cm             B) 3cm        C) 7.5cm        D) 5cm
  4. Which of the following gasses in the air has the highest volume?                               answer is C                                                                                                       A)oxygen   B) carbon dioxide  C) nitrogen  D) argon
  5. Black emits how many percentages of radiation?                                                      answer is A                                                                                                              A) 0%                B) 0.5%            C) 5%        D) 100%
  6. The following are used in the alloy of steel except—-                                                the answer is D                                                                                      A)Magnesium      B) cobalt    C) nickel     D) mercury
  7. when a magnet is broken the forces of attraction or repelling……………….         answer is B                                                                                                           A)increases    B)decreases   C)doubles       D)remain the same
  8. One of these is not a material used in the plastic industries….                                  Answer is D                                                                                                                 A) monomers     B) ethane       C)ethanoic acid       D)amino acid
  9. what happens to capacitors when they are connected parallel?                             the answer is D                                                                                                            A) the capacitance will be greater in the first one                                                     B) the capacitance of all will increase except one                                             C)capacitance vary in each one                                                                               D)the capacitance is the same in each one
  10. A tug truck was used to tug a damaged vehicle of mass 1000kg with a velocity of 10km/s what is the momentum of the pulling car?                                                      answer is C                                                                                                        A)1500kgm/s          B)3000kgm/s              C) 10,000kgm/s              D)20,000kgm/s
  11. Consider the figure below, what is the force required by the beam to become balanced? If the distance in the direction of 5kg is 20cm, and distance in opposite direction is 15cm.

A) 5kg     B) 9kg C) 7kg  D)10kg

The answer is 6.67kg approximately 7kg = C  (NOTORE CHEMICAL COMPANY, ONNE, RIVERS STATE)

12) When did Nigeria experience its first eclipse?  a) 1895   b) 1995  c) 1947  d) 2000

the answer is C                                                                                                                  13) One of the followings can be used to determine the depth of the sea                                    a) reflection               b) echo      c) magnet     d) resonance

the answer is B

14) what is the ratio of the angle in the figure below? ? (NOTORE CHEMICAL COMPANY, ONNE, RIVERS STATE)

                 A) 1/9   B) 3/6   C)1/4    D) 3/14

Answer is C

  1. which of this reaction produces hydrogen as gas? (NOTORE CHEMICAL COMPANY, ONNE, RIVERS STATE)                                                                          a) sodium chloride with water                                                                                    b) magnesium oxide with carbon dioxide                                                                  c) copper with sulphuric acid                                                                                      d) zinc with oxygen

the answer is C

  1. The best chemical name for smokes coming out of internal combustion engines is…? (NOTORE CHEMICAL COMPANY, ONNE, RIVERS STATE)                        a) carbon smoke                                                                                                     b) carbon trioxide                                                                                                       c) carbon dioxide                                                                                                       d) carbon mono oxide

the answer is D

  1. A moving car of mass 1500kg reached a particular distance for 5minutes, what is the value of the energy used by the car? Taking; a=9.8m/s2, initial velocity = 0m/s a) 7.5 x 109 joules                                                                                                     b) 9.5 x 109 joules                                                                                                     c) 6.5 x 109 joules                                                                                                       d) 5.0 x 109 joules

answer is C    (kinetic energy=1/2mv2= (1500kg x (0+9.8x(5×60))2)/2 =6.5 x 109

  1. if a piston with a diameter of 20mm exerts a force of 5N in an engine cylinder, what force will a piston of 35mm exerts under the same closed system?                 A) 9N           b) 10N               c) 20N                         d) 7N

answer is 8.75 approximately 9N =A  (pressure = F/A, 5N/20 = F/35, 20F=175, F=175/20=8.75)


  1. In which of these will the iron corrode easily?                                                           a) keeping the iron in ethanol                                                                                     b) keeping the iron in crude oil                                                                                   c) keeping the iron in the water                                                                               d) keeping the iron in palm oil

the answer is C

  1. The following are ways of hardening metals except;

a)addition of magnesium

b)addition of carbon

c)quenching techniques after cooling                                                                                 d) addition of chlorine

the answer is D

21) The content of an alloyed steel that makes it stainless and able to resist corrosion is…                                                                                                                                         a) carbon               b) chromium               c) constantan             d) platinum

the answer is B

22) which is among the ways magnets loses its magnetism permanently…                         a) insulating the magnet                                                                                                     b) Rubbing it on non-magnetic metals                                                                                 c) exposing it to steam for a long time                                                                                 d) heating on fire till it turns red

the answer is D

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  1. The new PDP has expressed dismay and condemnation over the trampling of
    the rights of thousands of Rivers State people who turned up to welcome visiting leaders of
    the All Progressives Congress (APC) on the
    4th?and 5th?of October, 2013.

    The splinter PDP made its feelings known in an online statement sign and issued by its National Publicity Secretary,
    Eze Chukwuemeka Eze.

    According Eze, ?for two days this week (on Monday?and yesterday),
    the Nigeria Police Force displayed what has,
    sadly, become its new trademark when it brazenly trampled on the rights
    of thousands of Rivers State people who turned up to welcome visiting leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC).Thousands of supporters
    of the Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, had sought to throng the Port Harcourt International
    Airport, Omagwa, on Monday, to welcome the APC leaders, who were expected
    that day, but were barred by policemen acting on the instructions of the
    controversial Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Mr.
    Mbu Joseph Mbu?.

    ?As things turned out, the visit was eventually postponed, only for the show of shame to
    repeat itself yesterday morning when the APC leaders finally made the trip.

    ?The question is: Under what law was the police acting
    in preventing harmless Nigerian citizens from assembling
    at the airport to welcome the august visitors that included a former
    Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, APC Interim Chairman Chief Bisi Akande, party
    leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, former Speaker of the House of Representatives,
    Aminu Bello Masari; Chief Tom Ikimi; former Governor John Odigie-Oyegun of Edo State,
    and several others?

    ?Instructively, this happened barely a day after the police
    in Abuja led by a Divisional Police Officer contemptuously disrupted the Caucus Meeting of the New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP).
    Nigerians may remember that we have repeatedly cried out
    following the abridging of our fundamental human rights
    by the police, which has not only illegally sealed our offices across the nation but has also clamped down on many of our leaders.
    Those who thought we were crying wolf can now see that the opposite is the case.

    ?That the Nigeria Police maintained with taxpayers? money has allowed itself to become a
    tool for oppression in the hands of the Alhaji Bamanga Tukur-led PDP, the ruling
    party at the centre, is not only unfortunate but also regrettable.

    ?We therefore congratulate the House of Representatives for inviting the Inspector General of Police to explain on what directive informed this new unfortunate inglorious role of the Police.

    ?We commend Governor Amaechi for refusing to be intimidated and for once more demonstrating
    his affinity with the masses by abandoning his trip to the Government
    House and joining his supporters to trek the four long kilometres back to
    the airport to welcome the APC Leadership to the State.

    ?Nigerians should rise in unison to condemn this descent
    into anarchy. We meanwhile wish to appeal to President Goodluck Jonathan, who is a
    good man at heart, not to allow himself to be deceived into
    approving or tolerating the shocking excesses of the NPF
    under the watch of the Inspector-General of Police, Mr.
    Mohammed D. Abubakar. Jonathan should for
    once learn to call the bluff of enemies of peace who do not wish this potentially great
    country well.

    ?Nigeria is the only country we have. Let us, therefore, do all
    that we can to prevent the looming anarchy as it may sound the
    death knell of this already troubled country.

    ?Finally, we commend and congratulate Gov Amaechi for demonstrating to the entire world his political prowess
    and sagacity by pulling the type of crowd that was mobilised to welcome the APC
    Leadership in the face of all manners of threats in the hands
    of some undemocratic minded elements from Rivers State.

    ?The manner and choice of words by the former Head
    of State, General Muhammadu Buhari and other leaders of APC simply position Gov Amaechi as the most
    outstanding bride of our present day politics and it is very unfortunate that the present leadership of PDP is exhibiting political
    naivety on his case and instead of facing what Gov Amaechi is but sadly they prefer
    to work with political neophytes and expired politicians from the State who have
    through their untoward type of politics succeeded in portraying
    President Jonathan in bad light to the world and making Rivers State unsafe and unsecured.

    ?By the crowd that thronged to attend this great event once again indicates
    that Gov Amaechi is truly the man of the people. We salute the
    great people of Rivers State for standing behind their great son who have exhibited his
    love and commitment towards the emancipation and uncommon development of the State?.

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