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Following the continued competition in design between foreign doors and Nigerian made doors most customers still prefer foreign despite its high cost, some of these customers usually attribute their choice for foreign doors as a result of some security features they provide which may not be seen in Nigerian made doors for this reason Nigerian door fabricators have started cloning foreign doors and making every attempt to ensure local doors have even more features than foreign doors while still maintaining their advantage of lower cost.

In regard to the above competition, some professional welders have device a means of ensuring that local doors can have a bulletproof feature. And the techniques used by most of this welders will be discussed in this post including the materials mostly use them for such purpose.

Before now most designs of local doors usually contain a single plate which may be designed by cutting and shaping techniques or by using an already pressed steel plate which usually comes with numerous designs. These plates are usually attached at the center of the local iron doors, but for cost management, they are usually one for each local doors. Meanwhile, the foreign doors usually come with double steel plates for its front and back sides, and this design is the security advantage it has over local doors, the recent improvements in local doors have resorted to the use of the same double plates so that obtaining all the features of foreign doors would be possible. Below are the advantages of using double plates for local doors:

It provides higher rigidity for the doors

It helps the frames of the door to wrap firmly and neatly with the two sides plates

It reduces the use of fillers for the door appearance enhancement

It provides means to insert bulletproof feature in the door

It will help the door to have even more features when compared to that of foreign doors

It also makes it possible for the door to have numerous and strategic locking arrangement making it difficult for anyone who may try to use force in opening the door when fully locked.

However, the design has these few disadvantages:

It makes the door to cost more after fabrication

It makes the door very to carry or convey to location

It takes experience to fabricate it successfully

Despite the few disadvantages, the use of this design is increasing every day due to the high cost of foreign doors emanating from the inflation in currency exchange of US dollars. The most common method of converting a locally made double steel plate doors into bulletproof door is usually done using the following techniques:

The frames of the plates will first be attached leaving the upper side to be open.

The three sides plate frames fixed will be properly welded and fitted in such a way that they are ready for assembling, the reason is to ensure rigidity before adding the bulletproof solution.

The next step is adding a highly concentrated concrete mixture consisting of marbles and granites of small sizes into the internal gap between the two steel plates attached to the front and back of the door.

The solution is poured into the gap until the entire gap is filled up to a specific level close to the top, at this point, the frames meant for the steel plates at the top side are then fixed and welded firmly to it.

After the above process, it may take some days when the solution will solidify and become a very high source of strength for the door such that any object cannot pass through the door including any bullet from a gunshot, according to the welder who has done and fabricated several models of that door.

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